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[TV] Game of Thrones

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Rolkus, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. I'm just curious if anyone has seen this series?


    It is, by far, the most amazing TV show I've seen and probably my favorite. The cast, the story, everything is phenominal!

    It's based on the series of books by an author George R. R. Martin, called A Song of Ice and Fire. I recently picked up the first book, and it's friggen huge.

    I do recommend, if you're reading the book or watching the show, finish either one of them before starting the next one.

    The series is 10 episodes long, and produced by HBO.

    Check it out!! You'll start off wondering WTF is going on, but you'll be right after the 3rd.
  2. HBO have produced some ripper series over the last few years. Are you able to give a bit of info about what this series is.
  3. Its a show that really grabs you by the short & dangly bits..

    I downloaded the first episode just cause you don't see much good fantasy/sci-fi on telly these days, barely got quarter of the way through and I paused it to setup the rest of the available episodes to download..

    Currently reading the books, am up to Dances with Dragons, which is book 5 in the series (its really book six as they split one of them in half cause it was so long).

    Everyone I know who has watched the series has raved about it, is very highly recommended, not Lord of the Rings type fantasy, far more gritty, was described by one critic as "The Soprano's of the fantasy world", get it now..

    Oh & it is very not suitable for the younger ones, 10 minutes into the first episode should make you understand why..
  4. Best idea is download the first episode & have a look, it is a very slick production, I think I read the first episode cost them 10 mil.

    Its not really swords & sorcery, more political intrigue, a big smattering of sex & violence, I was surprised when a few people at work said they really enjoyed it & they are not what I would call fans of fantasy novels/films..
  5. Big fan of this show and am hanging out for the 2nd series!
  6. Yeah I gotta say as soon as I read sci fi in that earlier post I was put off but your post and the quality of deadwood, sopranos, the wire etc are enough for me to at least give it an episode to impress
  7. It's essentially a mythical world, like Lord of the Rings but brutal - it's hard to explain cause theres so much happening.

    It's a bit political, with backstabbing everywhere.
  8. I downloaded Episode 1 a few days ago but yet to watch it. Everytime I sit down to watch it, I get distracted by NetRider. :p

    It has some good reviews so looking forward to it.

    Also loved Rome 1 & 2, The Walking Dead, Spartacus 1 & 2, Supernatural from the last few years but my most favorite one has to be Dexter.
  9. Eh, it's alright, I bothered to sit through the first season, but the books are exceedingly better.
  10. Enjoyed. Loved the final episode!
  11. On the same boat mate. But this just blew me out of the water. Make sure you have all the episodes, you won't be able to stop.
  12. I hear that Julia Stiles has a role in the latest series. I might have to watch it, she not ugly.
  13. Definitely worth the watch. I should get the books as well, but I am pretty lazy in the reading department.

    I would say it is one of the best shows out at the moment. Can't wait till second season...last episode is just left open to the imagination!
  14. Yeah that Season was a rocker! Have you been following it since the beginning?
  15. Will do. As soon as I watch episode 1, I'll download the rest. Looks like tonight will not be the night. Hopefully tomorrow then. :)
  16. I watched season one a while ago and only finished it because I was particularly bored. Didn't really catch me so didn't bother with the rest.
  17. She was in last season, which was probably the weakest so far. New season starts soon anyway.

    I've got game thones waiting to be watched, want o finish falling skies first.
  18. Hmm...If you know Dexter's story then you can watch the series with Julia Stiles in it. Some portions of the story follow on from the previous seasons but Season 4 (with John Lithgow) and then Season 5 (with Stiles) are much much better than 2 & 3.

    IMHO, Season 1 was good then 2 was average. 3 was NTB and then 4 & 5 blew my socks off. Looking forward to the 6th one now.
  19. I can tell you have good taste in movies, so I will trust you for now.
  20. :D I take it you're a fan of The Boondock Saints as well.