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TV commercial for your bike...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mattb, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. ...a competition.

    It's a competition because I reckon I've found the hottest one. See if you can outdo it (it must be for your model of bike). This one's steaming hot, perfect for the coming sultry summer. It makes me want to ride out into the desert with no gear. That's right, no gear. Just hot chicks loving hot exhausts and suggestive tail-lights.

  2. Another nudie rider!!! My army is growing.
  3. What else grows, when you imagine this army?
  4. It was sitting there waiting eh?

    Depends how good looking the army is.
  5. It's not a commercial, but it may actually be why I bought a Suzuki...

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  6. ^^^ i dig that shyt
  7. Made me laugh when she ran her fingers over the exhaust.
  8. Not sexy in quite the same way, but ...

    Alright, it's the 12R not the 14, but ....

    Got me thinking. I know they roped Gadson in to test and do the commercial, but just how fast did he go?
    Google is your friend...
    posted 20 Feb 2006, on SPortsBikes.WS
    Ok, that's pretty quick.
  9. Still makes me grin :)

  10. I've since sold it but this must be a serious contender...pretty much what the Superduke is all about!

  11. i think i must buy a zooki
    right bloody NOW

    i don't think there are any ads for my bike. but plenty of vids of n00bs tryin to do burnouts and losing it into cars........
  12. Straight away I know what bike you're talking about.