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QLD TV commercial Callout for Riders and Bikes near Brisbane!

Discussion in 'Employment' started by PhillapaT, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Really sorry if I'm breaking any rules for posting this here!

    I'm a video producer with Taxi Film (taxifilm.tv) in Brisbane, and besides a vague interest in bikes (they look
    good and are fun to ride on) I really am a noob when it comes to bikes.

    I'm here because I’m on the hunt for some Motorcycles and Riders who would like to be featured in a commercial about safe motorcycling.

    It'll be a fun job with motorcyclists riding around beautiful locations within Brisbane and surrounds.

    Important Note! We cannot use anyone in this commercial that has previously lost their licence for either bike or car related infringements.

    Searching for -
    Rider #1:
    Male, 30-ish years old
    Sports Bike
    Leather jacket, pants and boots
    Full face helmet

    Rider #2:
    Female, 25 - 30 years old
    Naked sports bike
    Leather jacket, jeans and boots
    Full face helmet

    Rider #3:
    Male OR Female, 30-35 years old
    Large road cruiser bike
    Jacket, jeans and boots
    Open face helmet
    Would be great if this bike had a pillion but not essential

    Shoot dates: Between 11th and 13th May. We will most likely require you for 1-2 days within these dates. Please let me know if you’d be available for these as they are week days!

    Payment: $500 / day for bike and rider. We will reimburse fuel.

    Let me know if you are interested!
  2. Why do they all need to be in that age bracket? You do realise when they wear a helmet they all look alike
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  3. I'm out on..
    Type of bike
    Availability :LOL:

    Lots of luck with it, Philippa :)
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  4. Maybe I may be around the area at that time to go check it out. :) Anyone beat me to it?
  5. Yeah, I know! It always seems to be that way. Sadly I'm just a pen pusher, so don't get much say in these things... If you are keen, in the area, and have the sort of bike I'm looking for I can check if there is some flexibility with the age groups. Let me know!
  6. KTM duke 390 - naked. :) still keen!
  7. Oh no! I'll give you a bell for the next one Hornet!
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  8. I've seen your hourglass figure in a leather bikini. I'll still take a Female, 25 - 30 years old in a helmet over that anytime :)
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    I'm trying (and failing miserably) to start a conversation with you! I've got a few questions, and some further info. Could you start one with me please?

    Hey Valvoline, can you start a conversation with me. I'm not having any luck trying to contact you!
  10. You need to pass newcomer stage to do that, alert whoever you want to converse with by putting @ in front of their name and ask them to start one.
  11. PillipaT,

    I am available, as rider #1, but am in my early 40s ( not 30's but awful close :).

    Also my bike is a BMWs1000R, which is technically a supernaked, not a sportsbike.

    Let me know if you are interested or if you want clarification on the bike or me.
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    Mcsenna, you might have just changed my life. Thank you.

    One more try - hey ValvolineValvoline can you start a conversation with me? I'm keen to ask a few questions, and give you some more info!

    Hey CraigACraigA can you start a convo with me? I'd like to ask a few questions, and give you some more info!
  13. Hey Phillapa, I'm 30 ish on certain websites, does that count?
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  14. Done!
  15. I can supply 1 x moderately fat female and 1 x aged biker dude. Harleys included. Or sports bikes ... choice is yours.

    If this is a 'safety' film what governance is in place to insure the message meets current safety paradigms as espoused to riders?

    Not much point producing a film if it can be torn to bits by critique by the target audience :)
  16. Yes... Is it a commercial about what some pen pusher in an office determines is safe? Or is it motorcycling safety determined by people who have to survive every day on a bike? And is it going to involve aliens crashing into bikes during an overtake? I know you're "just doing your job" but typically anyone making an ad how to ride safely just ends up looking like a fcukwit of highest proportions.
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    Thanks for your feedback LjiljanLjiljan ! Noted.

    Hey FractalzFractalz if you are available and keen to be involved you can start a conversation with me and I'm happy to provide more details regarding the director and client! While I'm well and truly in the pencil pusher category, I'm also a very small fish in regards to the messaging and creative involved in the campaign.
  18. I'm in Brisbane, 34 year old male with a MT09 naked motorcycle (check my showcase) if that is any good to you.

    Can do wheelies on request.......is that part of the remit? :p
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  19. Hey Barters81Barters81 I think we might have found all the riders we need for now, but I'll let you know if we need to start looking again! And no wheelies pretty please...
  20. I had the impression that naked won't do, a specified amount of protective gear was asked for :troll:
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