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TV ant and coax advice needed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by booga, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Ok,

    Let me start by, I'm in a rental, and dont want to put huge money into it. Nor can i modify much.

    I have an issue with the TV reception in my current place, its fuzzy on most channels, biggest culprit is 10. However I pull the socket off the wall to find the plug not completely wired up right. So i wire it correctly, ie shielding and signal, but the quality doesn't improve.
    I test the coax from the TV to the wall by putting a screwdriver onto the signal pin, and the TV goes to clearer than digital (well almost :p ), drastic improvement.

    Question is WHY!?! And why wont i get a proper signal from the antenna (maybe the obvious is, do i have an antenna and is it plugged in, to which i dont know the answer to either... yet)?
    Unfortunatly my multimeter doesn't go THAT far :p

    And is there any TV Antenna guys out there, in our ranks, to help? Or anyone that could loose 5-10mtrs of TV Coax so i can run a new line? ;)
    Or do i have to tape a screwdriver to the TV for a while? :LOL:

    BTW I am going to go digital sooner or later, but want to make sure i can get a good signal to the box first.

    Thanks :)
  2. Have you checked the wiring at the top? If it was wrong at the socket, you might find it's wrong at the antenna too.
  3. Booga, by going digital, do you mean terrestial signal or cable?

    You still need a good working antenna for a set top box terrestial signal digital set up.... but a good internal antenna might be enough.

    There's a good chance your house antenna is not connected... even more so if it's a block of flats situation... they're notorius for overlooked maintenance.

    Rental or no, how important is good signal to you? Have you priced what it'd cost for Jim's antennas / Mr Antennas to check out your situation??
  4. Go and buy a $30 SD set top box.
    I have one in my bedroom connected to rabbit ears and it works fine.
    Also, when you move you can take it with you. :grin:
  5. +1 on the SD set-top box. Makes a huge difference. That and a set of rabbit ears will be perfect in Mitcham and you can take it with you.

    [edit] you can get a full-size outdoor antenna cheap at DickSmiths ($60) which you can stick in your ceiling cavity pretty easily, then there aren't
    the same installing hassles (especially if you've already got a cable
    run through your walls).

    I just got this one and it's perfect for everything except SBS is a bit weak on a bad day. If you like SBS spend extra for a better UHF array.
    I am in Campbellfield area so mitcham is no hassles.
  6. We're running terrestrial digital off rabbit ears. Much better pic than analogue. Signal strength is 60%+ from Mt Tassie.
    Digital is the ants pants. Dont know why we waited. Doesnt improve the quality of the shows but at least you have a bit more choice.
    We had a very marginal picture on analogue.
    I suggest a quality set top box or a new telly or get Mr Antenna to do the job and take it when you move.
  7. there is a dc power-pack that powers your ant. it goes between the wall outlet and the cable to tv, and is also plugged in to mains.
    if there is no dc power-pack, you are effectively straining signal through an amp that is switched off.
    contact the landlord/R.E. agent, and have them sort it. it IS their responsibility.
  8. Booga. You have moved in with your girlfriend. What are you doing watching TV?

    Man, I can't believe I have to tell you these things. Chat to me later and I'll update you on some birds and bees.
  9. :rofl:
  10. +1 :LOL:

    But what does he do afterwards???
  11. Sleep. FCOL Rob, what else DOES a bloke do?
  12. You check any cable from the TV to the wall (the wires inside often become faulty - especially at the plugs - so if you have a spare swap it), then check the wall socket hookup, then check how its hooked to the aerial.

    Why the fcuk you're pissing around on a forum and with multimeters and screw drivers without knowing if you even have an aerial is beyond me...
  13. if it was anyone else i wouldn't suggest this but knowing you, and your ability to collect old shit :LOL: have you tuned in that 1950 tv to the correct station :LOL: :p

    oh it's pia, right so it's actually a modern device, yeah better listen to the rest of the guys... :oops:
  14. Because it's booga :LOL:
  15. The wires to the antenna are most likely corroded.

    Get HD box. They are Around teh $120 mark and with CH10 transmitting each and every F1 race live on 10HD theres all the reason you need to get a HD box.
  16. Being in Mitcham he can almost read the part numbers on the transmission towers with a decent set of binoculars so he shouldn't need an in line amp.

    as suggested replace the coax as it's not that expensive or at least check the antenna end connections.

    Other issue is if it's a block of units with a common antenna (are your neighbours having similar problems).

    As for landlord/RE is TV part of the building fittings covered by your lease??
  17. Just tape the bloody screwdriver in place. Why make this so hard on yourself? :) Or you could just bu some rabbit ears from K'mart. You should get top reception with them in Mitchem. :)
  18. Rewire the whole thing.. New coax and socket wont break the bank for the sake of having a decent signal.

    I have also heard that the digital signal causes grief to those with the analogue signal in some spots..

    I have the line amp hooked up to mine, the plasme in the lounge has twin digital tuners set up to it, and all my other tvs work perfect as well, even the LCD in the kitchen is crystal clear without a Top Box.

    If this fails get a Top Box, but beware of cheap ones..

    Digital TV is the go, especially on the plasma Tv's.. :grin:
  19. I should point out that if you buy a full HD TV, such as a Sony Bravia X series, you don't need a set top box. The TV comes with the HD decoder built in.