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QLD Turtle on a Triumph

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ElectricTurtle, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Hi Gang

    I'm back on bike after 25yrs (geez that went quick!) Well to be honest, I'm not quite there yet.. everything happens at Turtle speed in my world.
    This time around I'll be kicking off with a Triumph Daytona 600 which I am slowly repairing. Engine now running.. and doesn't it sound sweet! Fairing repairs done, paint will be next cab off the rank, then a few more things to fix, so a ride is in the post!

    Gearing up for summer and shaking my head in disbelief at the number of riders getting around in T-shirt/Shorts/Sneakers.. I know it gets baking hot on the Goldy but I'll be loving it in my shell..er.. armour.

    Back in the day I had a Honda CB900F Bol d'or, Suzuki 400 (electric start - loved that bike for zipping down to the shops) and fond memories of riding a Suzuki Katana 1100 to Sydney.

    YOLO but best I increase my chances and book in for a refresher course to bring me up to speed.

    I look forward to eventually meeting some of you..
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  2. Well welcome! I love the number of hiatus riders signing up these days, I'm sorry for the years I missed "in the middle" too.
    Coupla classic bikes in the old mix there......
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  3. welcome aboard :)
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  4. Haha good to see you picked a decent bike to make your comeback :)
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  5. Welcome mate. Ex cb900 for me too ...
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  6. Thanks for all the welcomes. :)
    Roundawhie.. yeah? That's good. It's the pretty side showing in the avatar.. previous owner bashed up the LHS. I know very little about bikes from the last couple of decades so it was purely beginners luck or in this case "new beginnings" luck that I ended up with the Daytona. It does seem to have good reviews as far as handling goes, I'm yet to find out myself! :)
  7. Welcome mate :cool:

    My brother has just restored a 750 Katana, lovely bikes :)
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  8. Welcome to NR..
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  9. Welcome, and good onya. I don't comprehend the self-inflicted hiatus, but always appreciate the end of one. :) Stay cool in yer shell!
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  10. Welcome mate, I'm hearing you about the shorts and thongs. Some people just have to learn the hard way I guess. When you ride a motorcycle you don't dress for the weather, not for the occasion or not for fashion ... you dress to crash,
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  11. Welcome back ElectricTurtleElectricTurtle ! Couldn't agree more - first bit of sunshine and guys riding around in T-shirts. Just mad.
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  12. Welcome ElectricTurtleElectricTurtle! I know what you mean about the shirts and thongs. Every second rider I see up here in the NT seems to throw caution to the wind and not don any gear appart from the mandatory helmet. The other day I pulled up at a set of lights in a 90 zone beside a learner. I was fully kitted up, including a leather jacket. All he had in was a singlet, shorts, thongs and helmet. I made a point to look him up and down. I feel like I should say something to the really young ones. I know it is hot weather and all but I'll take sweat over losing my skin any day!
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  13. Welcome to the forum
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  14. Welcome to NR and back to bikes
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  15. #15 ElectricTurtle, Oct 7, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
    JuniperSachs: Even with the wonderful benefit of hindsight I'm not sure if I can quite comprehend it myself... lol.. I guess it was mostly because I'm a practical person and a bike was a luxury (another registration/insurance).

    AJV80, Diff, & Kate: Housemate has been observing my progress with the bike, and remarked how she too once rode motorbikes but would never get on one again after an accident as a pillion in which she lost skin off her leg/hip, and injured her knee/ankle, which took six months to recuperate from. "Geez that would have been so painful!" I sympathised.. thinking she must have had ordinary jeans on at the time.. "What safety gear were you wearing?"
    She ruefully responded "A bikini..."
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  16. Welcome to the asylum mate
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  17. Welcome to the crazy place ElectricTurtleElectricTurtle ... with a name like that, you'll fir like a glove :)
    Put up a showcase for your bike and check out the Events section to meet up with other Goldians on this site. The weather is JUST BEAUT-tiful this time of year in this corner of the world.... see you round the hinterland! :)
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  18. Looking forward to it Valvoline. There has been a temporary setback as I've had to recently get my work van engine replaced. I'll check out the NR showcase & events. Thanks :)
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