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Turning over bikes a lot

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Clayt0nB, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. In relation to buying and selling. (To clear things up)

    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong section, I wasn't too sure.

    Anyway, to the point....

    How big is the market for bikes? Is it hard to sell a bike? How long would you usually have to hold it on the market to get non-scammer buyers?

    Would I be correct if I were to say that you would sell something like a VTR or CBR a LOT quicker then something not as popular? Just because they are quite LAM's popular.
  2. Anyone here?

  3. Bike sales are seasonal so in riding season you are likely to sell more quickly. You are right that LAMS bikes of common models will sell more quickly than the more esoterica but the down side of that is that when you sell you are competing against a wider pool of sellers.

    The scammers seem to be common now days unfortunately, on line ads will get someone on an oil rig, ship or travelling overseas buying for their brother/son and able to pay by paypal. These scams are all to common.

    Being realistic about your sale price, and many sellers aren't, will get a quick sale. The bike is never worth as much as you think it is and after market add ons, pipe, heated grips etc make for a quicker sale but don't increase the sale value by much. Generally the number of enquiries you get is an indicator if you are overpriced. If you are getting few enquiries after a fortnight drop your price.

    In writing your ad try and make it stand out to at least overcome that initial buyer scepticism, humour is good if you can manage it. Be honest about any damage if it has any.

    Hope the above helps. :)
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  4. it's always hard to sell a bike.
    if you want to sell it you have to decide. take less for it, or wait.

    LAMS bikes. keep them bone stock, will sell.

    Harleys. you will never ever sell it.
    but eventually someone will steal it if you you make it's wherabouts obvious in the advert. so just insure it.

    anything else. just save yourself the bother and trade it in on your upgrade.
    selling privately takes forever.
  5. :D Happened here this Australia day, bloke parked Harley at local celebrations with for sale advert on it hoping to get a few more nibbles with all the people, went back and well, he got more then a nibble.

    When i brought my bike, a VTR1000F which are a pretty popular bike, the seller had been trying to sell it for a number of months, we accepted on a price that was at least 2k cheaper the the other bikes on the market. The bike was in better condition, less km then the others and, well, some of those bikes are still for sale! :-O

    Like stated above, pricing the bike right will move it, you just might have to accept a loss. Remembering that MOST things depreciate in value from owner to owner.
  6. If you have the cheapest on bikessales for the year and the kms you will sell in a fortnight If you are dreaming it will take a while.

    I never found it hard but i just price right, i dont see the point in waiting to get a couple hundred extra and losing a couple hundred in time value money and rego in the meantime.
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  7. buyers pay what market dictates
  8. Buyers determine market value.
  9. See step a. lol
  10. I've had no trouble getting rid of bikes. I get a quick, trouble free sale and the buyer gets a good deal. Win-Win.

    Price it right and they will come.
  11. I've never had much trouble selling bikes on bikepoint, I just look at what bikes are selling for my model in similar condition with similar kms and match the price of the cheapest bike of that type and kms. Then when they ring up and bargain for it cheaper I offer it for a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.

    They think they're getting it cheap (which they are really) but I still end up getting more than trade in (which was all I was aiming for anyway).

    It's never taken me more than 2 months to sell doing this.
  12. +1 price it right, just remember you are buying into the same market.

    most of my bikes have been at the lower point of the scale when i buy, i don't have issues with them (might have been lucky and knowing what is real problem helps) then sold within weeks at the lower end.

    IMO selling anything is a complete PITA, the less crap the better.
  13. Sold a 2010 Megelli 250R a few weeks ago, had it on bikesales and it was gone within a week, bought it for $3,650, had it advertised for $3,300 and finally let it go for $3,000 with $3,100 what I was actually asking for. That's a LAMS bike and styling and ease of riding would appeal to new riders so it went very quickly. Buggers are always gonna haggle so just set a bottom of the barrel number in your mind and don't sink below that.
  14. The way to price it right is to look on bikesales and sort by date of add. You will quickly see what has been on the market for a while at what price. Or, you go to a dealer and ask for a trade-in-price, then put it on bikesales for at least $1,500 more.

    If the bike is well looked after and priced right, it will be easy to sell.

    When I bought my VFR last month I looked at a number of bikes. I didn't believe the conditions of bikes on offer sometimes, with oil and dirt clinging to the swing arm, under carriage, etc.
  15. So does anybody know where I can get hold of a 954 'Blade, mechanically sound but a bit rough on the cosmetics, for $5k? My son is a fairly capable dirtbike rider but he wants to head for the asphalt. He likes riding my ZX14 but I'm not going to give it to him. (It's my precious!) We're looking for something that has some stomp - including low down and midrange, and decent handling, but we don't want to pay over $6k. $5k is our starting bid. We'd prefer an older model inline 4 - 1,000 sportsbike...

    954 Blade
    Early model Gixxer thou - K2 ~ K5
    single plain crank R1
    .... ?

    Somebody must have a 2000 ~ 2006 model inline 4 jap sports bike on the market for $5k. Why can't I find them?
  16. We just keep collecting them .. be 6 bikes garaged here as of next week 8-[
  17. I've sold 3 bikes, all went for my asking price within a week. You just need to be honest with your asking price and write a long, long advertisement.
  18. I'm basically lazy, so when I've changed bikes I've either traded the old one or sold it to a wreckers. I've had my current bike for 10 years, and I'm in no hurry to replace it yet. Chances are it'll get replaced when it becomes uneconomical to repair.

    I think it depends on the bike your trying to sell, geopraphical location and time of year.

    Others are quite right, it's easier to sell a bike in spring or summer. However, it's pretty hard to sell a make/model of bike in an area where the nearest mechanic prepared to work on it is 2 or 3 hours away.
  19. Particularly hooked on I-4s? Plenty of Firestorms for that money: even a TL (get a steering damper!)
  20. Goto bikesales.

    Look for inline 4 around $6.5-7 sort by oldest ad.

    Lowball them $5k, someone will take it.

    Have fun.