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Turning off prospective bikers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smiley235, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Has anyone read this months RACV royal auto? There is an article on motorbikes and after reading it think it is the biggest load of crap. He raises every point of bikes and throws in his own bias. A couple of examples:

    He says servicing is so expensive because bike engines, work harder and are more sophisticated. I dont see the majority of bike engines being more sophisticated than current car engines with all the vvt/vtec etc and computer control. He says it is expensive because the parts are more expensive and compares a car dealership servicing 1000 toyota camry's to one ducati. Well if he would make a fair comparison, when I went to honda for a service, I probably saw about 100 motorbikes in one workshiop, sure they werent ducati's but since when are camry's likened to porches..

    He then says if you thought it was cheaper, that unless you have a scooter or small capacity bikes, bigger bikes can use up to 5L/100km!! Well thats a lot better than the 15L/100km my falcon uses.

    He says bikes dont get you places quicker because regardless of lane splitting and weaving, you cant stop red lights and stop signs and speed cameras. Well what about the massive load of 20 cars I passed at a major intersection to get to the front, let alone every other minor intersection.

    He also says you 'will' fall and 'will' hurt yourself. Maybe you will walk away with cuts and bruises and maybe you wont walk at all.

    There is a lot of other bias in this and towards the end, he says, "Hopefully none of this has put you off the idea of riding a motorcycle. May we suggest that if it has, you weren't to keen in the first place."

    How smug and presumptuous, obviously jealous of others contemplating getting a bike...

  2. Sounded like a lot of home truths when I read it.

    My BA Flcon will get me 650-700km on a full tank of ~68l

    My bike will get me 220km MAX on 17l. Sure that's better than the car(if I get to 220km's), but not by much, or any if I'm out playin' where I won't get beyond 200km's.

    You will fall off, well that's not my belief, but is the belief of many riders, including many here on NR.

    The servicing thing is basically supply and demand, there are hundreds of options for servicing cars but we're pretty much limited to bike shops for servicing bikes. We can't take bikes to Ultra Tune or KMart Auto can we.

    Quicker, well if you consider lane splitting is in a grey area regarding whether it's legal or not, without lane splitting, he's on the money.

    I kind of agree with his final comment too. If that little write up put someone off getting a bike then they hadn't really made the commitment had they?
  3. Yes definately.

    He is partially right though. You can save a considerable amount of cash by having a bike, but theres alot more effort going into riding, servicing, etc. and alot of costs involved that cars don't have to worry about as much.

    But yes, he is a cock.
  4. yeh, I see the truths hes basing it on, but I did notice a lot of bias in it. Lane filtering I should have mentioned rather than splitting. Probably better if you could get the copy to read, better explained. Then you could see how much of a cock he is.

    Also, I got a BA falcon, only get 450km-500 a tank :(
  5. Would help if you posted the whole story. IMO there is more truth and fare reporting in the whole artical than I'd like to admit :? :LOL:

    ( sorry for the long quote but I cant find the original page I found it on that I pasted into word for my other half to read )

  6. bikes are not a cheap form of transpot unless you buy a small one

    buy a larger bike compared to a small car

    fuel consumption is similar

    tyres on the bike last bugger all and cost a whole lot more car tyres prob last 5 times longer for same cost

    service on the bike almost twice as often and more exxy

    depreciation on the 2 over 2 to 3 years and again the small car would win

    insurance the small car would pob win

    end of the day who said its all about the money ;)
  7. About the only thing I can see he has stretched the truth on is comparing a good set of car tyres with a $400 rear tyre for a motorbike. While you can pay that much, it's not an equal comparison. I paid $295 for a good sportsbike tyre recently.
  8. Look, if it will make people more aware of the realities of bikes, I don't see a problem.
    Maybe it will make the $1999 scooter brigade think a bit harder about safety and reponsibility before they buy one. The things I saw in Sydney in saturday...man, I saw two scooters in five minutes nearly get creamed, and they were totally in the wrong both times. One went through a red on a foot crossing!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. If those things turn you off, you're not a rider.

    I didnt think the article was that bad.
  10. Who honestly gets 60000kms out of car tyres? Sure if you run them till they are bald, but till legal limits, I'm flat out getting 25000kms on mine. My car isn't particuarily sporty, nor do i spin the wheels, etc. Now this is a fairly average figure disregarding the type of tyre i buy, i have gone from cheap wanli tyres to bridgestone to pirellis.

    Also i despise people who drive 20000kms on one oil change. Cars and bikes should change oils about the same frequency in my opinion. And who takes 2 hours to remove all their fairings, 30 mins and i have mine off with the screws organised.

    I think a lot of this is measuring one extreme to the other, they are comparing hardcore rider to soccer mum driver.

    While i won't admit people should be riding bikes to save money, because that isn't true, but the article does exaggerate.
  11. "He" (Davis Morley) is a motoring journalist who has moved over the years from four wheels to two, because he has like most of us come to love bikes.
    I have to say that I think he is doing people a service by giving them the bad news up front. Triway is right that just about the only point he really exaggerated on was in the tyre costs (and even that could be true for some people).
    While it may be useful for us to push our own barrow by playing on the
    perceived cheapness of bikes, the hard truth is that once you get into the big bike world it really isn't that cheap. Better that the potential converts know this before they sign up, I reckon. We don't actually need a bunch of numpties out there on bikes, screwing things up for everyone just beause they thought they could save a few dollars.
    Where the article could have had more balance is by giving a bit more space to the genuine savings to be had from small bikes. Other than that, he got it pretty right IMHO.
  12. These tyre have Gtee that you will get at LEAST 50,000kms to 90,000kms, and that's on a tyre chewing 4wd


    Well that's just a plain stupid statement. To say that all car engines and bike engines should have the same service intervals :? :roll: Coz all manufacturers make their products to the same quality/tolerances right?
  13. yep, he hit many nails on the head.

    the only fcuk up he made is where he wrote-

    If anybody here can achieve a slide down bloody bitumen....you have ridden past the traffic controller and fell off in between the sprayer and the spreader :evil:
    its the damn rocks, bitumen is UNDER the rocks :mad: :LOL:

    always. if i got less than 60k out of a set, i would be in trouble.
    between 60 & 70 is normal in the work ute, and it is driven hard :)
  14. + 1 from me.
    And on the tyre front I have averaged 60,000k from all my tryes im my 25 odd years on the road using all the major Aust/Jap brands. Currently I'm running Yokahama's on both Comm and falc and they look like doing 80k quite easily. I think they are S705 or something like that anyway. :LOL:
  15. I dont see cars running 13:1 comp or revving to 12000rpm or making 150hp per litre of engine capacity. He's right, bikes are more expensive to maintain.
    My bike goes thru $100 worth of oil every 5000ks. It goes thru $500 worth of tires every 8000ks. A valve adjustment cost $500 and gets done every 18 months. This is just the beginning. Brake pads, discs, bearings etc etc all wear out much faster than a cars and are generally much more expensive to replace.
    My bike goes thru 16l of fuel for 200ks. That's about 8l per hundred. Quite similar to my gf's Excel that does 35l for 400ks.
    This one I disagree with the article. I know I save a lot of time on my bike cause I both drive and ride certain routes a lot. Bike comes out faster.
    He's right. You WILL fall off eventually. It's inevitable.

    What the article did was put all the cards on the table. I found it to be quite informative and honest.

  16. i got 45,000 out of a set of bridgestones on my ute, with a bit of wheel spin, on the bike with a pilot power on the back i would be pushing 5,000k's at $300 a rear so in the time it takes to wear a set off the ute i would have been through at least 9 pilots on the rear thats a total $3600 in rears alone, then you need to take fronts into account

    rub for the car is a hell of a lot cheaper

    i just had my work car serviced at a cost of $119 at the dealer, sure it was a minor service, but the major still only comes in at $250, where as the major service on the vtr is $550

    the only place you end up saving with a bike over a car is the intital purchase, unless as the author stated your on a small bike or a scooter, those that really enjoy riding don't do it to save money, they do it because its a passion, they need to do it, to feel complete
  17. Interesting RE the tyre situation.

    On my SV650 I had done over 6000k and the rear looked fine, could have gone another 4 or 5 at least I reckon. I guess it depends how you ride the thing?
  18. Last time i checked toyota recommended 15000km full services, and 7500km interim services (if you drive your car on dusty roads, idle for long periods (traffic jam anyone?), drive it at high speeds a lot, etc) for camrys, 10000/5000 for corollas and other cars in the toyota range. I am fairly sure holden also has a similar service schedule, and so do many other companies.

    Starting to sound similar to the bike service intervals. I could guarantee i can find some people who like to change their bike oil once every blue moon as well.

    Toyota service intervals
  19. You have to admit, he is pretty bang on the money.
    Learning it was Morely, further justifies it IMHO.
    I met him years ago, at Swinnie TAFE, when he lectured our auto class on the auto journalism field, as the teacher was a friend of his, and I learned that quite a lot of Morley's personal friends are in the motorcycle industry, including the teacher (Barry), who, like many trade TAFE teachers, teach part time and still run a business on the side.
    (Barry has a Guzzi shop in rowville somewhere, cant for the life of me remember what the shop is called though.)

    I trust that he would have consulted his friends to support/correct him on his ideas, as he has previously done in his groff-style rants in "Motor".

    And for car tyres, the other extreme is the family pet-roll gets 80,000 ks out of a set of tyres. (nothing special, just korean 80%/20% AT tires)
  20. i'd give this article to somebody who was considering getting two wheels.

    hell, i'd even give them links to rider down threads and show them pics of what could happen and then ask them how they feel about it.

    reality can be a real kick in the nuts, sometimes.