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Turning left is easier.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rookie, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hi netriders,

    I always found that turning left is easier than turning right, from my first ride a cbr 125 to the current one a ninja zx 6r. I was told at HART once by a instructor that due to the position of the throttle, it's easier to left since you feel squeezed of your right hand when you turn right. I don't know if anyone else has this issue(not really a issue I guess....), and hopefully some of you professional riders can give me some tips or any courses I should take to improve it.

    ps: Today's weather is so good....I am sick of sitting in my office....](*,)


  2. *cough*Zoolander*cough*
  3. It's all in your head.

    I've met people that prefer turning right, and there's countless reasons for it (including the throttle one you mentioned).

    Grip more with your legs and you should be able to turn without compromising use of the throttle, but you'll probably find that your subconscious still doesn't want you turning right...[-(
  4. I always found it easier to turn left than right. That is, until I realised I was pressing down more on the left handlebar than the right during right hand turns, making my balance feel way out. Once I realised what I was doing, right hand turns are definately easier now.
  5. He's not an ambiturner.

    But seriously, you'll find most riders have a preferred side for turning, mine is left, it's just something you need to work on.

  6. feel like right arm is stiff when I turn right. doesn't mean I cant, just not as good as turning left. I feel comfortable when turning left even to a "reasonable" lean angle, not quite the case when turning right though. But as you say, it may varies from person to person. May be just because there were so many left turns so I got more exercise......
  7. Seems like u need to relax your arms more on the right turns
  8. Handedness also plays into it - I'm fine either way but a tad more comfortable going right because I'm righthanded and a bit more confident of the dexterity (Latin pun intended) of my right hand and foot.

    More practice and some conscious attention is the way to overcome these issues - and it's good to do so for your own confidence and safety, in case something unsettling happens during a 'less favourite' direction turn.
  9. .. you probably put your left glove on first..... 8-[ (sorry!.. I couldn't help myself!!.......)

    ...Raven gave some advice a while back about releasing the grip to allow for movement. This helped me with my cornering a lot.

  10. right glove first.....I'' try to do that..I guess I just need more practice:busting:
  11. haha... not everyone is a competent ambi-turner...

    I also struggle(d) with right handers... ESPECIALLY when they were slow and tight (small roundabout). In that case, while cornering slowly leaning AWAY from the corner instead of into it helped me immensely.

  12. yes, i found that, too. When i turn left, i lean into it all the time, but when i turn right, i found sometimes it's easier to lean Away.....strange...
  13. I had and still have this issue aswell as it is apparent from the wear on the tyres. I seem to be able to lean more easier and controlled turning left. Can still lean nearly the same amount turning right but it's more conscious and not as natural as left handers.

    Some Melbourne netriders will remember once on a right turn I just couldn't do it and let the bike run it's course to a safe place straight ahead. Rookie you're not alone.
  14. As most others have said, you're not alone. It's just practice, practice and more practice.

    And don't worry too much, even some racers admit to having a prefence for a 'left hand' track over a 'right hand' track and vice versa

  15. I guess my name " rookie" means more now. Sigh
  16. I had a weird one... when I moved to the Daytona from the GS500F, I could initiate left-hand turns easier than right-hand turns. (On the GS500F, it didn't make a difference, I could turn as easily in either direction.) believe it or not, it turned out it was low tyre pressures from when I picked up the bike. Both front and rears were down 4~5 psi. Pumped them up to 34F, 36R and now it's back to situation normal.

    Moral of the story: Never trust the dealer when he says the tyres are pumped up and you're ready to go.
  17. Fixed it for you.
  18. continue tppractice putting your right glove on first

    then move on to putting your left glove on after you have mastered the right one
  19. So which glove do the ambiturners put on first then?
  20. Both at the same time.