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Turning engine off

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Danhendo888, May 1, 2014.

  1. hey guys, noob here..

    just wondering what the correct step is to turn your motorcycle off.

    is it pushing the kill switch off or turning the key to off position?
  2. The only purpose of the kill switch is turning your riding buddies off when you're stopped for lunch and seeing how long it takes for them to work out why their bike won't start.
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  3. Neither.... Just put the stand down :sour:
  4. in the pre-L's course, they said to use the kill switch
    but only so that the action becomes ingrained and that's the first thing you go for, rather than fumbling for key if it all goes wrong...

    depends on your bike, but on mine it kills power to the coils, and leaves power to the lights...
    so I can kill motor and move bike around in dark garage using the kill switch.
    key turns everything off (and motor has to be on for lights to turn on)
  5. I did it to a mate while riding side by side and when he turned it back on, BANG! Awesome backfire. (Not recommended)

    To the OP, use the key, don't get into the habit of using the kill-switch, because one day you may come back to a flat battery. My bike, and probably many others these days, automatically switch off the headlight after a short time if the engine is killed by using the kill-switch to prevent a flat battery. Kill-switch is for emergency use.
  6. I use the kill switch to kill the engine, then turn the bike off and take the key with me when I dismount. The kill switch is in easy reach of the right hand so I can keep the clutch pulled and don't have to fcuk around trying to find neutral or reach across my body/down to wherever the key is located on the bike before I can safely take both hands off the bars.

    It's not going to cause any damage to the bike, especially if you have a modern fuel injected bike (where the kill switch should really cut fuel as well as spark).
  7. Stories of kill switch damaging bike are nonsense.

    Knowing where to find the switch in an emergency might come in handy one day, and using it regularly will develop that muscle memory.

    When you are stopped in gear on an awkward slope with your right foot down, holding the bike with the front brake being able to kill the bike and have the gear box stop it from rolling away, makes for a graceful stop and dismount instead of some of the stupid shit I see noobs do especially when they feel everyone is looking.
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  8. I'm not sure about kill switch damage, but in the manuals for some bike manufacturers, it actually states not to use the kill switch to turn off your bike.

    + 1 for no kill switch.

    Use the key or put the stand down.

    I primarily use the key.
  9. I'd be inclined to think that the kill switch and the stand would be very similar in terms of effects on the bike.
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  10. Some model triumphs have a well documented FI glitch that occurs if you use the kill switch to turn the bike off on a regular basis.
  11. Simple answer, whatever floats your boat.

    However, using the kill switch (or side stand) and forgetting to turn the key off can lead to flat batteries.
  12. if i want to get the cbr into neutral then i generally have to turn it off when stopped and on again to check for the neutral light
    it is just habit to reach for the key now. it also helps to check if i left the indicators on.
  13. Well lets see,the key stays in my pocket cause it can and will pull out with the ignition on,so no I don't use the key.The kill switch has on occasion worked to well,taking a long fiddle to get spark back so, no I don't used the kill switch.My bike is way to old for a side stand switch so thats out as well.I usually just stall it out with the clutch, is that OK.Am I doing any damage,yuk yuk.
  14. Isn't that the only way?

  15. That's how I do it.
  16. See you at practice tomorrow for a demo - I'll film it :)