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Turning + Emergency Front brake = :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2ndclasscitizen, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Well, I stacked it. Completely my fault. Starting to turn off a road, thought it was clear and it wasn't. Going slow enough to stop but I made the classic n00b mistake of grabbing a handful of front brake whilst turning and lowsided it. Car coming the other came to the stop alright.

    Damage report
    I'm fine. It was a pretty slow speed stack. Slight graze on my knee, didn't even tear my work pants. Very slight graze on the shoulder of my Joe Rocket Nova jacket, light grazing and a small hole in the palm. Very small graze on the vent on my helmet, nothing on the helmet itself.

    Bike: Sweet FA fairing damage. Couple more scratches where there were already scracthes when I bought it. A few on the mirror, smashed the lens and bulb on one indicator. Scuffs on brake lever and bar end. Rear brake is completely f**ked now (I figured out why I was having problems using the rear brake, the pedal and already been a bit mangled.) Looks like the front fender's been knocked loose a bit, but I'm not sure, which leads me to...

    There's something wrong somewhere in the front end. When the front wheel is straight, the bars are turned to right a bit. Don't know if it's twisted forks, bent bar or what.

    Bikes at CMC now getting looked at.

    I'm just really annoyed at myself. I had more than enough time to stop (I should've taken just a second longer to be doubly sure there wasn't anything coming) if I had've just hit the rear brake and straightened up. But I didn't. :evil: Oh well.
  2. Lesson learnt, you're OK and more than likely just your handlebars are bent.

    Rear brake at slow speeds doing figure 8's is something good to practice in an empty car park
  3. Yep. I've just gotta train myself to go for the rear rather than the front. I am hoping it's the bars not the forks or something like that, I figure fixing those will be more pricey than fixing a bent handlebar
  4. and setup mitch never just grab the brakes, hope it all comes out ok
  5. Mmm the GPX has clip-ons which are generally harder to bend than a standard one piece handlebar, but here is hoping it is just the clip on and not the forks.

    Live and learn mate, it's all you can do.
  6. It's great to know which brake to use in each situation, but instincts wise - if a situation turns to shit and you grab front-brake, that's not a terrible reaction.

    More likely to save your ass than looking for the rear brake in a lot of cases.

    ... may result in more scratches sometimes though :)
  7. Yeah, good point, but I'm still a bit annoyed that in this case rear brake would've prevented this situation

    It's alright this time. I'm really happy I bought a pre-scratched bike, all the new ones are in the exact same place as the old ones
  8. at least your alright.....could of been alot worse.............
  9. Look dude, I spent $2500 to learn nothing but "expect the unexpected" so if this teaches you to use a different skill in a certain situation, then you won :)
  10. Yep, nothing to do but get back on and keep learning.
  11. Regarding the front forks/handle bars twist.. Put the front wheel against something solid, and give the handlebars a tug to straighten them There is thread on this somewhere on here.
  12. Happened to me a bit ago, stupid taxi driver thought he owned the road :evil: Original post made at https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=23458

    *can't belive it was august last year, felt like slightly before xmas* Time flies when you're medicated up. hehe :oops:
  13. So what... Replace it!
    On my old bike I had a drop, there was no visable damage to the outside of the helmet, but if you tapped it you could hear a couple of fractures in the side

    If the helmet touches the ground during an incident then replace it.
  14. Decide for yourself 2nd.

    Bugger about the off.

    A slow speed off shouldn't have bent the forks, but they may have twisted in the triple clamps. No biggy. I think you said the bike is at a shop, make sure they realign them though... it's easily missed.

  15. So true :)
  16. The only way to batter these things into your head without pain is carpark sessions.
  17. I did exactly the same :)
  18. Did exactly the same thing about 3 weeks ago, I would've been able to save it if not for the extra weight of a pillion. No damage to me or the pillion, and the only damage to the bike was the right pillion peg snapping, not a scratch anywhere else!!!

    Made for a fun ride home wiht the GF on back and no right pillion peg!! :LOL:
  19. Yep, too true.
  20. I used to do this on my BMX whenever the handlebars were out of alignment. Used to put the wheel against the gutter and give the handlebars a good whack. :LOL:

    I have never tried it on a motorbike though.