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Turning Circles

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by InvalidUser, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. So I've been spending 2-3 days out of every week for the past month or so doing slow speed practices.
    Anyways I remember reading that the U-Turn section of the MOST test is 6.1 metres wide.
    I was also told that its best to practice doing a u-turn within 2 parking spaces. When I was told this was the width of 2 spaces I assumed this must be the same as the 6.1 metres (I've never measured).
    Thinking this was the standard I've tried and tried and I've failed to complete the full u-turn every single time..
    I'm confident I was definitely improving considering I had started off working with 3 parking spaces until I'd reached this plateau, where my U-turn's just won't get any tighter.
    Anyways on Monday night whilst out practicing I decided to get off and walk the bike on full lock to see exactly what the u-turn would look and feel like.
    I approached the box like normal and began the turn as you would, except this time on full-lock.
    As I approached the opposite wall I realized I wasn't going to make it within the 2 parking spaces.
    I continued until I completed the u-turn fully and found I was about 30-50cm out past the line.
    I'm just wondering now if the box used at the MOST test is 2 spaces then how would it be possible for me to ride such a tight turn considering my bike won't even make it on full lock whilst being walked?
    I'm just thinking something must be wrong with the advice I've been given.
    Any comments and advise would be appreciated.
    I ride a YZF-R125, I've heard sport bike turns are tight but is it even possible to pass on this bike if the width is 2 parking spaces?

  2. to pass the test you can put your foot down (once)

    to turn tightly push the bike down while leaning the other way, look where you want to go and it will be fine.
  3. Car spaces are usually about 2.5m wide, so I think 2.5 car spaces would be closer to 6.1m. If you need to get your turns tighter, you probably need to lean the bike more. Don't forget to counter balance and don't look down.
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  4. It's not just about full-lock. You also need to lean and counter balance as well.
  5. Got a spare measuring tape? Just measure 6.1m to be sure if your bike can turn that fast or not and cut the guesswork. If it doesnt make it on full lock, there isnt a trick you'll be able to manage to make it fit. All that means is that you will have to use one of their bikes for the test, which would be more standard than your R125 by the sounds of it and therefore easier to ride.
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  6. I ride ninja 300 (heavy B of a thing) and no way on earth can I make the 6.1m turn- probably do by less than 6.5m .
    I know I could risk the foot down and lose a point but am nervous enough as it is re P/MOST and also having dropped my 180kg bike on my left leg recently when I tried too tight a turn too slowly still sporting attractive bruising, so I will probably also forget a headcheck or something moronic -so trying to minimise my losses before I begin- So I have hired one of the tester's bikes CBR125 ($165- yikes). MOST this Sunday so start praying for me because only the big fella and a packet of nappies can help me now....:cry:
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  7. As a complete noob, my only advice is to go in there confident in your abilities. If you doubt yourself you won't do as ell as if you walk in there full of belief!

    Good luck but I'm sure you don't actually need it!
  8. Thanks for all the replies, I think I'm going to bring a tape measure the next time I'm out for some practice.
    My brother who had the same bike a few years back told me he had rented the test bike as well, but I was hoping I'd be able to know my own well enough not need to.
    I guess this will be my fall-back option.
    Anyway, I just checked and can confirm from the RMS site it says the 'internal width' of the u-turn box is 6.1 metres.
    I was actually fairly confident until I kept failing the u-turn within 2 boxes.
    Eager to find some time to do some measurements.
    Good luck Oldmaid!
  9. crossing the line on the U-turn is about 5 points.
    if you do that, and don7t put your foot down or hit anything else.. you still pass.
  10. What if my foot leaves the foot pegs but it doesn't touch the ground?
    I've actually done this a few times whilst practising.
  11. I also ride a Ninja 300, i did the p's test on it and made the uturn fairly comfortably. Just disregard the distance and practice going as slow as you can until you can crawl around at full lock, if you can do that the practice time on the test day is heaps to get it down pat, just dont stress yourself out about it
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    Disregard the turning lock, the turning lock is irrelevant. Hard to fathom I know but they are not tricycles. Lean a bike over and it will turn in a much tighter area than if held upright and using the steering.

    Getting the bike (not yourself) leaned over will make any bike turn a much tighter radius[​IMG]
  13. I passed my Ps on Sunday but I did 'cheat' and hire the little honda cbr125 I-I could have turned that in half the space needed. I can do u turns fine on my girl just not consistently enough when I had practiced at the Homebush L course. I reckon the Clyde u turn was about a metre wider- seriously- I could have easily done it on my ninja. I will keep doing slow riding and slow tight u turn practicing regularly. Esp now the pressure is off. As I have only been riding 4 months I look at every ride I do as ongoing learning and watch out peeps I like to check out what every biker I see is doing (or not) technique wise. :troll:
  14. Turns are not limited to the "lock" angle of your bike. I used my Vstar 1100 on my test, and passed fine. It is about steering, clutch control and braking, throwing the bike into the corner and recovering it before it falls over.

    My wife used her Vstrom, and laughed about her big bike licence...
  15. Hi invaliduser How goes it?
    My one tip I have learnt from not passing my test last week is
    *Listen to the instructions carefully.

    I failed not due to my riding but not understanding where exactly to start and finish my U turns, The instructor got a little irate and I freaked out for the rest of the test resulting in going over the 50km per hour limit in a built up area.. (my fault completely).

    I am by no means an expert in riding I just thought hopefully someone else can learn from my errors on the day...$210.00 bucks later I have rebooked another test as well as another lesson to put in a more time on the seat.
  16. 6.1m is actually wider than 2 car spaces. and doesn't require full lock or any silly leans. Just look to the exit and apply gentle rear brake whilst keeping throttle up a little and feather the clutch. No foot on ground needed.

    My missus can do it in her 250 cruiser and I've done it as well on it and my cbr250. Just keep practicing.

    I must say I struggle with in on my 600 though lol. The forward sportbike sitting makes balancing harder
  17. Yup! I've seen it done on a bloody big, fully dressed Goldwing.

    Having a smoke, while doing it, does help...........but I'm supposed to be giving that up.....<sob>
  18. CrazyCamCrazyCam you break me up! I can just picture you with a fag hanging out the side of your mouth whilst gently doing figure 8's on your Cagiva...
  19. by a learner? :D

    we were definitely encouraged to do it at walking pace, rather than motorkhana stylez...
  20. Got my Red P on Monday. The U is defo wider than two parking spaces (measured in a car park with tape measure) - about 2.5 as mentioned above. One of the lads (great bloke by the way) doing the test with me was tall and on a Ninja, he had problems with the bars and his knees, but after some advice from the instructor he was nailing the U every time. I got in my head the following: throttle, clutch control, rear brake - more for control than braking - apply it gently, don't dawdle but get around, look where you want to be. Obviously I'm no expert having just passed, but those are the focus points that helped me.