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Turning Arrows - Setting off the sensors

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fzr600chick, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever been caught turning on a red arrow when you're bike just won't set off the sensors?

    I regularly turn right heading east from boronia rd onto scoresby rd in boronia, and it's a toss of a coin whether or not the fizzer sets off the sensor to give me a green arrow. if there's 2 bikes it's no problem, but if i'm on my own sometimes it just won't go off - no matter where i position myself. :mad:

    i've been tempted to just go (there's no camera at the intersection), but usually end up going straight and doing a u-turn further up the road.

  2. yes many times. But its only at lights where I can't see the damn square sensor marks cut into the asphalt. Don't what to do in those situations. But at lights where the sesors are clearly cut into the ashpalt, I just make sure I'm square over them even if it means I'm a few metres back from the fat white line.
  3. I just ride through em, not my fault the things dont function correctly. Thats the way i see it anyways
  4. Every single time i go to Sunday coffee at northland i have to pass the lights do a u turn and head back because the right turn siginal can never pick up my bike :( It shits me up the wall :evil:
  5. Same procedure for carparks that have sensors that dont work. Just look for an officer, and if it's clear, ride.
  6. I do it all the time... if theres no camera i just go. as mik said, its not my fault they dont work.
    its like some main lights dont pick up bikes. For those i get off the bike and walk to press the pedestirain button :(
  7. I've done much the same Eswen - even edged forward a little when I've seen a car turning in the same lane behind me - mind you late at night there isn't always that option!
  8. Find yourself a couple of rare earth magnets and affix them under your bike. This will help to enlarge your bikes profile to the sensor grid.
    Have done it previously with my 250, and it worked for me. :idea:
  9. hit the pedestrian button if u can reach it that does the trick
  10. I think this topic has previously been discussed. One suggestion was to try lowering your kickstand to help trigger the sensor.
  11. oh you know the other thing i do?
    works everytime...
    Get off your bike and dance like crazy... eventually you will attract a crowd and one of them will trip the sensor :cool:
  12. The only time I would worry, if there was a red light camera at the intersection.
  13. Ride over the sensors at a slow pace and set the camera off. It will take 2 pics showing that you didnt in fact run a red.
    Now you have both wheels over the induction loops, you should now be able to go through the intersection without triggering the camera.

    Of course all the above is in theory only. I don't reccomend you try it. Well, maybe PNUT can ;)
  14. Find the Vicroads box, which should be on one of the corners. Ring the 13 number that should be on the box and give them the box number which should also be on the box. Tell them your problem, regarding not setting them off. From what I've heard they will send a crew out to recalibrate the sensors.
  15. and then wait for them to turn up? :LOL: sorry i know its rediculous but I just keep getting this image of a biker sitting there waiting paitently for the repair crew so he can move off legally
  16. Isn't it a rule that after 2 sequences you can treat it as faulty and run it?

    Or was that a dream after a few vodkas?
  17. Well even if there is a red light camera, i think it is safe to say that if you don't set off the light, then you probably won't set off the camera. It just depends on how they are calibrated I guess.

    If you have a green light but red arrow (and its late at night), turn right from the "going straight" lane. That way you rule out any chance of getting flashed. Again, it isn't legal but you can reduce the chance of getting done for it ;)
  18. I just flick MY switch and go through when its safe :grin:

    MMMM the switch :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Do a huge burnout, create a smokescreen, and then go through the intersection, stealth like.