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turning a corner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hugbear, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Just wanting to know how do you turn a corner. On the course I done a bit confused with it, is it just look where you want to go and you automatically will go there (it seems so bazaar) I did pass it, but was not sure how. They expect you to go through this bent line but you cant look down

    Also having trouble counter steering but just saw some things on you tube it makes sense now.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am really wanting to go for the L again, failed the 1st time.

  2. Hugbear, may I suggest you update your profile so that people know what state you are in. Each state has their own licensing/test requirements.

    In Vic, you must perform a left and right turn. Essentially where you look you will go there. Strange as it is but it does happen. How many times did you find when riding a push bike that you would look somewhere and find yourself heading in that direction. If you look down, you will end up on the ground.

    With the turns for the Vic license course, you have a small amount of lean with the turn but it is more handlebar turn as it is at really slow speeds.

    In Vic, you do not have to know countersteering. It is a great skill to have but not necessary. Obviously countersteering will play a big part in open road cornering/curves and handling the twisties. It all has to do with the shape of the tyres, etc.

    When I did my L's, they got us to do countersteering as it plays an important part in avoiding people/cars jumping out in front of you. The instructors said heaps of times that some people, understand it just by looking at someone doing it, for others, they have to do it to really understand it.

    Good Luck with it all and remember that Netrider is your friend with many people happy to give advice, etc.
  3. i think mordeth13 has moved his vids to livevideo.com...but he and colombia7200 and sfninja...i learnt a lot from them as well as being damn good entertainment :) i got a reply from sfninja...he`s going to do a vid on u turning and slow manouvers in a parking lot
  4. Remember:

    It's a PHYSICAL skill involving balance and muscles and proprioperception (i.e. feeling where your body position is).

    You can't learn it over the net.

    You can only get a few tips to think about while you do it to improve, and it doesn't sound like you're confident enough for that yet.

    Practice, practice, and get some more training in person at a school.

    After 10+ years and nearly half a million km's on roadbikes I still learn new things when I go to an advanced course. It's like an art, it's easy to start if someone is there to help, but you'll always be improving.
  5. Hugbear - you're dealing with so much already - much of what might be said will not mean anything.

    Hook up with a mentor in your area (see mentor thread) or book yourself some one on one time with a riding instructor who will go through everything at your pace rather than a class required pace.

    One thing I will say is this: your eyes feed in way more info than you give credit for. There's no need to look down most of the time. All that does is make things come at you "faster" and freak you out. Keep your eyes up - this "slows" stuff down.

    Welcome to the learning curve.

    By the way, the mordeth et al videos are well worth a look.

    +1 Hotcam... you never stop learning.
  6. I know exactly what you mean, it is bizarre. After I passed my L's I would think back on the course and think 'how was it that I was able to get the bike to go where I wanted it to go and would I be able to do it again'. But it really was just a matter of looking where you wanted to go and the bike obeyed.

    The guys above, and the rest of Netrider, are full of good advice. Use 'em up :wink:
  7. Rob, he/she hasn't got her Ls yet.
  8. Cool Loz.

    You don't need L's for one on one time with an instructor - providing you don't go on the road... Stayupright will happily let you pay for extra instruction especially if you failed their course. My housemate is living proof. :)

    Fuzzy/Hugbear, it's not magic. If you look where you want to go, which is often PHYSICALLY described as pointing with your chin (you actually need to turn your head, not just avert your eyes), you will shift weight subtly (sometimes not so subtly) and without any awareness, you will push on the handle bar accordingly and the bike steers based on the input. (As you get more experienced, you do this with full awareness and on purpose)

    The other thing is that if you look where you want to go, rather than what you're trying to avoid, your body remains more relaxed and you're less likely to oppose the steering input on one side of the bars, with the butt clenching rigid eyes wide open panic death grip on the other side of the bars.

    Afterall, FOR ANY STEERING TO OCCUR, all the forces input into and across the bars, have to bascially resolve to an imbalance.

    Steering - at it's simplest non technical understanding is push left to go left, push right to go right. You are NOT turning the handle bars except for when you a riding at slow speed.

    Anyway, I really didn't want to go anywhere near techo stuff... can't help it... ooops.
  9. dude try car first, easier
  10. Where you look is where you go. If you look down you go in a straight line. So if you're turning a corner and you look down your bike will go straight.

    When you corner (not including U turns and tight, slow corners) you counter stear. R turn, handle bars pointed to the left etc.

    High speed turn is inside elbow straight, look through the corner.

    Good luck
  11. hugbear, you want to buy a good book. Then read and understand it. Then every time you ride, practice something in the book. Then, eventually do an advanced course once you've absorbed all you can that way.

    At least, it worked for me.

    I recommend "Proficient Motorcycling", its on Amazon. There are a bunch of good ones out there.

  12. :? :-k What the????????? :-k :?


    Timmy, please explain the straight elbow thing? :?
  13. i think he means u wanna straighten ur elbow nice n hard, thus turning the handlebars in the opposite direction of the turn, agressively - an agressive countersteer.

    what timmy failed to mention is you dont wanna lock and hold this position, or try to, or anything. even then i dont think you wanna throw the bars that hard.

    sh!t i dont even ride, but thrashing it round like that sounds like your just gonna lose it quicksmart :?

    i think i shall use postcount as a minor judge of knowledge/who to listen too... :p
  14. hmm.

    if they cant help you, nothing can :grin:
  15. #16 Seany, Jul 19, 2007
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    For when you get HEAPS better. :grin:
    But the points of dropping your shoulder and moving your upper body weight are useful well before you worry about scraping your knee sliders. :)
  16. thanks so much for that, am definitely getting that book
  17. Do that at your peril.

    The most efficient counter steer input is one where your forearm is at 90degrees to the steering angle. On most sports bike, logistics means at best, having the forearm parallel with the ground...

    How you can get a locked straight elbow and give the bars the most efficient input does not make any sense what so ever.

    Timmy failed to mention a bunch more stuff in his efforts to summarise.

    Look, my post isn't better coz I have a higher post count.

    If Timmy came back and justified his post at length and it was BS, you can be pretty sure - since we regulars like to protect new riders - his post would be climbed all over. If it wasn't BS, he'd be patted on the back.

    Right now as it stands, IMO I think it's simply worth ignoring for the time being.

  18. +1
    Forget Timmy's post for now and watch the videos I posted. They saved me writing a 2k word essay and explain it better than words alone could do anyway. Watch the first 3 and you will have a good understanding of counter steering. Watch the 4th and you'll get great tips on cornering in general. Those tips are not 'knee down' specific. Getting the knee down is a side effect of good technique (not the goal). Thus, the tips in that vid are tips for good technique. :)