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QLD Turned left on green light triggered red light camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MeltingDOg, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. I was riding home tonight and went to turn left at an intersection. The light straight through was red but I had a green arrow going left. There was a truck (only other car on the road) in the left lane but not turning so I just carefully rode around it and continued my left turn.

    However, in doing so I must have moved slightly into the neighbouring lane as I triggered the red likfe camera. I saw 2 flashes, one as I crossed the line but the other was after I had entered the left street and was beyond the intersection.

    I know its my own stupid fault for going around the truck, but am I likely to get done? Then might have gotten a fron shot of me but, as I had completed the turn and was now in the next, intersecting street, would it have gotten my rear plate?

    Any advice is handy on this!
  2. Wait and see what happens, write to the sdro and explain the situation and the fact that you had a green arrow to turn left, dont mention the filtering unless they ask for an explanation.

    I think you will probably be alright.
  3. She'll be right chances are the truck obscured the view anyway.
  4. The cameras should show you completing the turn so you might be ok on that issue, but your problem may be that you disobeyed road markings by turning from the adjacent lane. The penalty is more or less the same. Maybe you had a reason for needing to go around the truck? Like it broke down/stalled? Just sayin...
    Get the photo and think about it if you receive a notice.
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  5. Agreed - pretty sure i saw its hazard lights on as well
  6. No point worrying about some thing that has not happened. Wait till something does then deal with it. Most likely nothing will.