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Turned into a washer woman today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.
    Got excited and washed all my bike gear today, first time since... when... may i think.
    All 4 pairs of gloves, both jackets, neck warmer, draggins, all three helmet liners, and even polished my riding boots... ok yes i was bored. Oh and washed my sheepskin seat cover :).
    Needless to say, i was horrified at my dri rider climate control jacket for two reasons... one, it gave no indication of how ridiculously utterly totally and completely *FILTHY* it was... the smell of the water i was washing it in oh my god - dirt and exhaust fumes 8-[... and two, i almost needed someone with a phd to put all the layers back in ](*,). Forgot it was flexible and could bend too :).

    Anyway, just wanted to post a friendly reminder to wash your gear every now and then. Im sure you know this, but dont take the fact it looks clean to mean it IS clean...

    Everything was hand washed (separately) in luke warm water (about 25c) with a mild detergent and napisan with oxyaction crap... worked a treat.

    edit: I also believe that waterproof/water resistant stuff needs to be clean to work as described, so helps to wash that stuff too ;).
  2. oh, never washed my jackets... washed everything else though... noted and noted :)
  3. My gear gets washed when it rains.
  4. So did mine, a little too consistently, but even so... as above :p.

    edit: added an edit to the original too :p.
  5. Noted :). its just so much effort, my draggins are the only thing that gets washed... and my gloves don't have a removable lining in them...I wonder if I could just chuck them in whole, leather and all :-s, as they do get a bit funky
  6. My gloves vary materials, leather among them... and the only thing i know about leather washing is the dye comes out like mad at first (like it did with my gloves). Otherwise id have to guess that you want it cool water and probably should dry it in the shade... Some leather (thinking shoes here) should also be oiled lightly to keep it flexible and the like. Not sure how you would do that when you want to grip handlebars, but must be something you can use.
  7. was just thinking about washing my jacket today actually.
    white doesn't seem to be the best choice for jacket colours....
  8. what do you do about leather jackets and pants?
    whats the best way to clean that kind of material?
  9. Most things - including leathers - will have a label with washing instructions (as shown below :D).
    Since i was living alone a while and now my missus (who is away anyway) isnt my maid, i have to do such things myself :p. :-({|=

    A nice leather jacket/pants id probably take to a dry cleaners - but that isnt always good... otherwise bath tub and a soft cloth. Id use dishwashing as opposed to laundry detergent (or leather shampoo if there is such a thing?). Dont drown the jacket, just enough to clean it and wash off the soap.
    Dry it off as much as you can with a cloth and then let it air dry in the shade. You must oil (lightly) leathers. Dont want it sticky, but just oiled... if that makes any sort of sense :p.

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  10. ^^ nice idea, my jacket just says 'professional leather clean only"

    ummmm what?
  11. Wash leather?? I just give my leather stuff a buff every now and again with some cleaning/conditioning cream. I don't think they need warm soapies.
  12. did you also remove and wash the liner pads in your helmet (if possible)? They get REALLY stinky after a while....
  13. mmmm smelly helmet liner pads *drools*

  14. eeewww, Hol :roll: :LOL:
  15. Hahaha... Yep hornet, the linings and cheek pads were washed (and having looked up on the net for recommended ways to clean the helmet shells, the rest will be going in the dishwasher tomorrow while the missus is away :D).

    P.S. These cheek pads are taking forever to dry...
  16. On the rare occasions I've washed leathers, cold wash in the washing machine with just a splash of detergent has done the job fine.

    Getting leather wet won't hurt it. Cows don't dissolve and people ride bikes in the rain.
  17. Buy dainese. :D