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Turn signals: Sometimes they respond, sometimes they dont.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by grue, May 10, 2011.

  1. Seems like when my bike is cold or wet, sometimes the turn signals are less responsive. They might not respond at all, or might wait a second or so after I hit the button to start blinking, and the cadence is off for a moment (too fast) before it stabilizes.

    Guessing it's just a bad switch, maybe some corrosion or something, btu have any of you seen this before?

    '01 CBR600F4i.
  2. Pull the switch apart and spray some contact cleaner on the connections. This happened to my blackbird, only when it was wet/cold also.

  3. wd 40 not perfect but works
  4. Electrical contact cleaner on the switch & give the globe terminals a good clean too, if a globe drops out they'll flash fast.

    I need to do mine soon too...
  5. Sounds like a plan, thanks guys!
  6. I had a similar thing recently Grue, where I would go to cancel and discover they weren't on when I thought they were (or were they?)

    Discussed this with a mate who is a much more accomplished rider than me and he said he always does a "double activate" (i.e. two presses) and double cancel, to ensure the blinkers are on when they are supposed to be on, and off when they are supposed to be off.

    I started doing this straight away and it has now become a habit I don't even need to think about.

    I don't think my original problem was a mechanical issue with the switch - more a case of not activating or deactivating properly.

  7. I've got the same issue on my 01 929RR. Left Indicator always works first time, but when it's cold it takes some time for the right indicator to start working. Can be anywhere between 2 and 10 seconds depending on how cold it is. I'll try the wd40 and see if that helps.
  8. Take the switch apart, spray contact cleaner in it to flush out the gunk, let it dry, lube it back with silicon spray (or WD-40, but I prefer silicon) ... almost guarantee you the problem will be solved ... :)
  9. Yeah, at first I assumed it was rider error, until I realized I could sit on the footpath, push the signal over and watch it not work.
  10. :rofl:

    Seriously though ... tell us how you go if you make any mechanical changes / clean etc ...