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Turn on your lights signal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gustlik, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Sydney, dark and rainy, ~4.30pm, heading home.

    About 40% of drivers were driving around with their lights off.
    Really annoying when they are behind you in a gray SUV.

    Whats the signal people use to let the driver behind you know to turn their lights on?

    I tried hanging my hand back in a fist and opening and closing it, without any effect.

    Sometimes you dont get the option to race ahead and having to look for a ghost car with fog (glasses), fog (visor), fog (mirrors) isn't ideal.

    Edit: Probably worng forum,
    Mods wisk this away to New Riders and Riding Tips
  2. If they're not smart enough to turn on their lights by themselves, there is little you can do. Keep checking your mirrors and ride to survive.
  3. Some motorists drive around in the dark without their lights on, because they haven't noticed yet.

  4. When a part comes lose on your bike, throw it at them ;)
  5. but he's not riding a Hy...., oh, sorry I correct myself :LOL:
  6. you already know that the world is retarded when car manufacturers start building cars with headlights that turn on automatically.
    im surprised there wasnt any fatal crashes because drivers forgot to use the wipers.
  7. Just wait till cars are fully automated, so much so you don't even have to operate any controls. As long as Micro$oft don't provide the software for the system.

    "So how many times did your car crash itself today?" :p
  8. It never fails to amaze :roll: me that most drivers will turn on their wipers at the mearest hint of rain (thereby smuding most of their windscreen because it's not wet enough)
    Then having to spray the offending smudged screen to un-smear. (usually when you are behind them with a faceful of water) :evil:
    But when light conditions are bad and visibilty is low the same people will drive on without thought to turn their lights on so they are more visable. :idea:
    Think its the "i'm alright Jack" mentality? :cool:

    What what??

  9. I still do this in Sydney. There's so much ambient light that I don't notice till I look down at the dashboard and complain that that all the dash lights are gone ...

    I learnt to drive in a place that got dark at night. Sydney doesn't get dark.
  10. aVZthrr.
  11. Yeah... this happened to me on day 2 of my riding career, about a week ago. At about 10:30pm on a dimly lit back street, a black sports car popped out of the intersection with it's headlights off just as I'd released the clutch and rolled on the throttle and started a right hand turn. I grabbed fistfulls of levers which caused me to drop the bike... :(
  12. I like to give them the finger or stand on the pegs and show my arse crack. Once they start swearing and flashing their lights at me they realise their lights are off :p
  13. You didnt know? Volks are making their new cars now with self activated wipers... Soon you wont have to do anything... :roll:
  14. I just flick my lights off, then on a couple of times. Doesn't cease to amaze me how thick people are not to get that signal...
  15. mitsubishi already got that done in one of their cars launched in here i guess.
    saw the ad for it on the tv... automatic viper, automatic lights....
    then there will be automatic dumb driving mode...
  16. Nothing has "come lose" yet, replacing the stator has been the biggest of my worries with the Hyo, appart from that running fine.

    Not really the conditions for this sort of behaviour, didn't want rain down my crack :p
  17. You'll be able to guarantee you'll have problems with the power Windows (tm) at least... :LOL: :p
  18. Try tilting your head from left to right whilst patting your tummy in a clockwise direction.
  19. This is actually a pet peeve of mine.

    As a motorist, bike or car, if its overcast and rainy, even IF its 1pm in the bloody day, my lights are on. Lights on, even during the day makes you far more visible to other motorists, and my bike won't let me turn my headlight off, even if I wanted to.

    I was behind a car the other day. It was about 6 at night, it was DARK. Like properly dark. And wet for that matter. The car infront (I was in my car) had no lights on. The only reason i knew they were there was because my lights were reflecting on their tail lights. I must have flashed them at least 4 times and they didn't get the message.

    I feel bad for anyone who was trying to turn out onto that street, they would have been so hard to spot.
  20. You could just do your own thing and look at it this way: the less people driving with lights on, the more you're likely to stand out :)