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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Tooley, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm in the Army and I'm heading over to Turkey for the ANZAC day dawn service at Gallipoli.

    I've been lucky enough to be able to take some long service leave and I'm hiring a bike in Istanbull. Has anyone on these forums been to, or been riding in Turkey? Any tips?

    I'm planning on keeping a diary and writing about the trip on this forum. I'll be riding for 10 days on a 2008 BMW R1200GS.

    Any tip's would be great......



    Well today I have packed all my (and girlfriends) bike gear. It took up a lot more room than I had expected.

    Helmets (Shoei XR1000, HJC AC12)
    2 Pairs Boots (Dri-Rider Nordic)
    2 X Kevlar Jeans (Draggin, Hornee)
    2 Jackets (Dri-rider Rallycross, IXON??)
    Rain Overpants, Summer and Winter Gloves, Neck Warmers.
    2 X Blueant interphones
    GARMIN Zumo 550 and Mounts (and socket, spanner to fix to hire bike)
    Tyre pliers puncture repair kit

    This is also working as a bit of a checklist for me........

    I'll try and post some pics and info as I go.......if not, it will be a few long nights in front of the screen reminiscing over the fabulous (hopefully) trip.

    Chat soon.............

  2. Don't you hate these people who post up information when all they REALLY are doing is skiting?????


    Just kidding, mate, I look forward to the reports...
  3. have fun :grin:
  4. Ten days won't be long enough... Absolutely fascinating place.

  5. ill be in Turkey in July and was thinking about doing the same. Tooley, how did you organise the bmw? Looking forward to your reports!
  6. Have you checked the Horizons Unlimited page on riding in Turkey?

    Check the link on that page to the One More Mile (OMM) Riders of Istanbul too.

    You lucky bastard. :grin:
  7. Cheers metricryder, I have been on these websites and my contact in Turkey, Kazim, is one of the founding members of the OMM website!

    Jayray, I contacted "Ferris Wheels" here in Aus and told them what I planned to do and they put me in touch with Kazim from
    www.kazoom-moto-adventures.com I have dealt with him mostly via email, he is very helpfull and the OMM website www.ommriders.com/t/01/ has a a couple of good itinerarys with detailed instructions. You can either hire the R650gs (800cc) or the R1200gs (i'm hiring this). All bikes come with top box and you can pay extra for side panniers.

    I have also just bought the Garmin Zumo550 and Kazim has put me in touch with a company in Istanbul that makes the GPS maps for Turkey. These maps are not available on any web site or from Garmin.

    21 Days to go.........
  8. thanks for the info Tooley. What is the daily rate for the R1200gs? Ill be interested to hear how the GPS maps go; sure beats asking for directions using sign language.

    Take care on the roads over there, the Turks are notoriously crazy/bad drivers.

    20 days to go....
  9. The daily rate I got is 123euro per day (yes, it is expensive to hire a bike) and that is the rate from 6 - 13 days.

    That rate includes all taxes, top box, 24/7 emergency assist and insurance. There is a $400 excess for all claims (I think).