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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Came across this the other day.


    Anyone with (or without :LOL: ) some technical expertise have any opinions as to the feasibility of this thing???

    Should be good for a few pages of argument here :LOL:

  2. Snake Oil (Technical opinion! :LOL:)

    Just wait till IK gets hold of this!!! :D
  3. ok i am in the wouthout (knowledge group) but i call bullshit....

    it looks to be the same as those hyclone devices..... and i have personally seen a car we tested on a dyno, first without the hyclone in and then we installed it and WOW, you guessed it no increase in power that the dyno could detect.... as for increase fuel ecomony don't know, but i hghly doubt it
  4. Sanke oil has uses... it would act as a lubricant at least :LOL:
  5. Probably the clearest indication that this product is a scam would be the fact they claim it has been tested by two laboratories yet they don't say which ones or provide details of the testing procedures and/or results.
  6. Think about it; how is make the incoming air swirl going to improve, say fuel/air mixing if you are using mutlipoint injection? Would a swirling air flow survive the twists and turns of a typical air intake manifold anyway?

    Fuel burn systems are very efficient, greater than 90%. There isn't a lot of room for efficiency improvement. The relatively low efficiency of a modern IC engine (25-30%) is due to limitations of a heat engine and a swirly air add-on isn't going to do much to improve that.

  7. People do something similar to get turbos to work better, but its nothing super scientific.... simply place a vertical piece of metal about 1.5 inches long by half an inch high in the inlet pipe from the air filter, just infront of the turbo compressor wheel. It Causes spinny vortex airy stuff to happen which = better explody stuff happening inside the engine
  8. Generally very skeptical.

    Perhaps it may interupt laminar flow and create turbulant flow. This can create a better flow rate. But it would be only at certain points in the rev range.

    There is a device that looks like a bit of fly screen that goes on the inlet port of V-8 and this has shown to improve torque. Theory is that it provides better atomisation of fuel.

    So some of these things do work. But skeptical is a good approach.
  9. Not much. It's probably more applicable to single carb engines.

    Absolutly. This is why inlet ports are offset etc.

    It's more to do with getting more mixture in than improving fuel burn.

    I'm not saying it's a good product, but tricks like this can work. Though I doubt a generic product like this would suit all vehicles
  10. This thing is pure utter junk... don't even think about getting it. I seriously don't know how they get away with selling crap like this. The piece of junk restricts air flow if anything. Might as well sell an electronic blow off valve to go with it, for the full noise effect. LOL the Turbonator :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  11. They call it the turbonator because with the money back guarantee, everytime someone buys one the salesmen look at each other and say <schwartzy voice> "he'll be back". ;)

  12. Painting the bike red is probably more effective.

    if this thing is so simple and effective, how did a couple of wankers with thier own website think of it before the most talented mechanical engineers in the world? :? If they don't tell you which labratories tested it or even provide some sort of evidence for their claims then their bullshit.
  13. General principle: if something sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

    How many hours do you think car & bike company engine designers spend on getting air & fuel flow right? Given the restrictions they have to work within (eg multiple anti-pollution regimes internationally) and the level of technology they use to develop powerplants to meet the legislation and still work in the real world, do you really think that bunging a bit of mesh into the air intake would do anything useful?

    If it's that easy, why wouldn't every engine come with it as standard?

    Definitely snake oil.
  14. My rodeo has soemthing similar on the inlet to the Air filter. Factory issue...

    ima piss it off, looks super gay
  15. Its awesome. I put one on my 120Y and i took it for a test drive down the freeway and i shit you not i ended up in Anytown USA 1952.

    *This is an automated response written in the eniac, as the original author is now worm food.*

    But seriously some little tricks like these do show improvement. Why do people bother modifying engines at all??? The turbonator however is something of a overated hyclone by the looks of things.

    From a fluid dynamics POV i can see swirly air adding better effiecency as an order flow could be maintained. Look at it this way, how long would it take to get out of the MCG if everyone just charged the gates at the end of a game and bounced off each other in a crazy fashion.

    My 2 cents.

    Bahhhh. I want my own quick rich scheme, someone beat me to the pet rock.
  16. There's a vacancy for Netrider Clown; Loz is in Tassie!!! :D
  17. A customer of mine has a deisel Toyota 4 runner which has a similar thing called 'Hi-clone' and i must say it is more economical and seems to have a little more power, but i am still sceptical.
  18. Hi clone or hyclone, whatever they are. Are nothing new, they have been kicking around for awhile. ACA and TT to a story on them or a derivative once a year.