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Turbo Vtr250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Dude, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just worndering it is possible and/or legeal to put a turbo on a 250??

    I not actually considering doing this to my bike just interested if anyone has done this before
  2. No offence Dude but why bother??
    It's always going to be a 250!!
    Save your dough as well as resale value by leaving the engine standard.
  3. The biggest problem I see is that turbo's don't like small capacity motor. They take too long to wind up the compressor and as such produce a narrow, but sudden power band.

    Also taking a car turbo and putting it on a bike would be a bit bulky.

    But, having said that, I'd like to see someone do it. Start with a turbo off a 660cc jap thing and go from there
  4. Honda and Yamaha and Kawasaki all toyed with Turbo in the 70's and 80's. They are not making them now. What does that tell you?
  5. A bit harsh.

    Turbo methodology has come a long way since the xn85.

    I wouldn't be suprised if we see another attempt by one of the manufactures
  6. A) he said he didnt want to, was just curious if it had been done.

    8) seen a zeal with a turbo. 83HP at the back wheel in a bike weighing abot 145kg. That would be quite a weapon.
  7. Thats actually not true. Turbos love small engines as turbos love revs (which small engines tend to do). As long as you match exhaust compressor size to the exhaust flow then it'll work a treat.
  8. that, as ibast said, turbo technology wanst up to the task back then. I reckon forced induction will be the future. Smaller capacity bikes with turbos and superchargers.
  9. But do we really need MORE horsepower than we have already? With street bikes pushing out over 150HP, and colonial-standard roads, surely the technological direction should be to something other than more power and more speed that you can hardly ever use?
  10. Something with the practicallity of say a 400 around town but the grunt of a 1000 when you wind it on? I'll have one of those!
  11. There would be two probs with doing it to the VTR250. The twin pipes into one would mean the turbo either having to be mounted pretty far back (making big turbo lag) or having it twin turbo (expensive). Then there's the induction: how you gonna run the intake? Its a twin carby. Being twin carby turboed would make it even HARDER to tune properly. You would probably end up having to change it to EFI. Too many problems to even bother. Unless you have cash spewin out your arse! :D
    Sure it's possible. I've never seen it done to a V-Twin before. Why would you wanna spoil the awesome sound of a thumpin V?!
  12. just a guess, but would you need much tuning if you were to pressurise the stock airbox (and all the parts of the carby that would normally see atmospheric pressure)?
  13. just super charge it... seen it done on a VTR1000
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  15. Depends on what kind of boost pressures you're planning on running. You wouldn't want the airbox to explode in your crotch when ya twist it. :LOL: That still wouldn't change any of the tuning issues. I'm not exactly sure what you mean here. What would be the point of it? :?
  16. Have seen a single cylinder 250cc honda industrial motor turbo'd, and fitted to a bar stool :shock:

    Funky Munky, why would you keep std exhaust/inlet?
    If you had the equipment to make the mounts etc to fit a turbo to an NA motor, you'd make a new set of headers to feed the turbine, and a single (larger) carb would be the go for the inlet. Biggest problem on a 250 IMO woud be space to squeeze it into. There are quiet a few V twins that have been supercharged, mostly for drags.

    It would be good to do from a "Tim the Toolman" view, just for kicks, bit like the guys who made that 3 cyl diesel sports bike.

    There is a Melbourne guy (http://www.hi-flow.com/HPSuperchargers.htm) who makes bolt on supercharger kits for engines down to 500cc (all inclusive, carby, belts, pulleys etc) around $2,600 delivered for an 1800cc Subaru EA82 motor iirc, actually more for smaller motors. You quote him the stock specs, ie max revs, revs for max torque, power, and what you want to do, increase low end torque, peak power etc, and he works it out.

    Definately do-able, would need reasonably good engineering capability, but would be better on a 400-500cc I reckon, good economy for commuting, and a litre killer for track days/touring depending on setup. Sort of a WRX on two wheels

  17. I can see a turbo charged roadbike to be a tad uncontrollable in the wet - and also accelerating out of bends......

    Haven driven many turbo-charged cars, you soon learn the real expense - heavier crank-shart, drive train, transmission etc etc etc are all needed. Fun to drive but the whole car needs to be designed for it - otherwise you will be spending big bikkies on maintenence and replacement of the standard parts that were never designed to handle so much power.

    Get a bigger bike and be done with it - unless you are really keen (and $$$ is no object) it is a lot wiser.

    But after all this......... GO FOR IT - IT'S A MAD RUSH! Light body / high compression = remember to weigh down the front forks!
  18. There's a japanese company that sells aftermarket turbos to fit a variety of popular 250s including the VT250 which I guess could be used on a VTR250.

    or for the translated version goto

    I'm pretty sure that in Victoria the only restriction is on capacity so provided you could get a 250 roadworthied I guess it would be perfectly legal to ride on a restricted licence. As to rideability I guess it would depend a lot on how much boost pressure is being run and just where in the rev range the turbo kicks in.
  19. Estimated 76hp on a ZX2R from that very badly google translated site.
    Funniest thing i think was seeing the little bar intercooling hanging off the LHS of the radiator on the little kwaka.
  20. No need to use google translation, that site has an english version as well, just hit the "english" button in the middle of the.

    Fair bit of plumbing eh? those 1100 kwaka's would certainly get up and go!

    Hmm, wonder how similar the gsx250s motor is to the gsx250f :twisted: