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Turbo R1.. Damn Neat

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by YAMRAJ, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Watch it here

    Its its an oldie on the forum, bad luck... else enjoy it. :)

  2. Even though there is a turbo kit available specifically designed for my bike I wouldn't buy one mainly because it costs more than my bike did and I'm not sure how well the 15 year old mechanicals would cope with the extra power. I also don't think the increase in power would actually improve the bike, given the addition of turbo lag and loss of power/torque at lower rpm (especially since it doesn't have a lot to begin with).
  3. i just saw this video tonight and posted a topic about it *slaps head* shoulda checked to see if it was already posted. i seen a few turbo bikes on the net and one in melbourne. the one from the ghost rider DVD's is nuts.
  4. yes and I'm stuck in theory at the moment..
  5. i wouldnt even consider turboing a 250 - not going to give you that much more power.
    Couldnt stop laughing though, everytime the guy changed gears bike just went up and down.
  6. Yeah the turbo'd R1 looks to be more flighty then the hyabusa's after strapping a charger to them :shock: Longer wheelbase I spose on those.
  7. The turbo kits I've seen will actually double the power output of a 250 (up to around 80ps) which'd make for a very good power/weight ratio, although the powerband would probably be fairly narrow. Still you could always do what they did with the early 50cc racers and fit a lot of gears. I reckon a turbo 250 with a 15 speed gearbox would be quite fast, it'd just be frighteningly expensive to build.