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turbo bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tack, May 7, 2005.

  1. Just a question if anyone knows the section of the act or law regarding restricted riders in Victoria being allowed to turbo their 250cc bike?

    Does the law say that they must simply ride no greater than 250cc? Does it mention anything with regard to modifying the bike for greater power??

    Regardless of the cost or practicality of actually doing the mods to turbo a bike engine...is there a law that stops a P plater in Victoria from doing it?

  2. Not that I know of - but your bike still needs to be roadworthy. You can mod it as much as you like as long as it's still roadworthy and is less than 260cc.

    Well that's my interpretation, anyway. Crazy system really!
  3. You hear about people performing all sorts of tweaks to improve their engine performance such as boring out to largher engine capacities etc.
    If you perform mods to the internals of the engine the police, vic roads or your insurance company needn't know..As if they can be bothered to dismantle the whole thing to determine that the capacity is still standard etc.
  4. Backin my dim, dark past, when the 250 restrictions were just coming in, helped a mate engine swap a 250 donk for a 350 in an old CB Honda. he rode the damn thing for years, till his S.O. put a stop to his riding. Nobody ever questioned its engine size. :eek:
  5. How I would love a super charged Across.... only problem would be that ill loose the boot... :(

  6. And the fuel range will be...oh, once round the block! :LOL:
  7. seen a Zeal with a turbo in a magazine... There is a mob in sydney that specialises puting turbos on any thing... I think the cost was actualy quite low $1000-$1500 i think??

    The only problem is the power comes on very late in the rev range... you get the same problem when you stick a turbo on a CT110...
  8. It would be good to get more power into the 250. I'd keep the bike forever if it had about 80hp.

    I want to own a porsche in the future too. Boxter would be 8)
  9. does anyone make a turbo that small tho?

    it'd definately be a cool thing to do if you had the money, the time and the know how.

    hmm - stupid question time.
    is it possible to distill your own alcohol and run your bike from it? that'd be pretty awesome. a turbo, alcohol, street legal 250. =p
  10. Yes to your stupid question... I had a book about... survival post nuclear war... yep an official USA goverment book printed in the 60's in it there ware many practical ways of doing many weird and wonderfull things... every thing from farming to making alcohol out of grass to run your car/generator... un fortunately the book was lost many years ago :(
  11. Here's a less technical version of what your trying to achieve:

    Turbo Bike
  12. arf unlucky lordtb.. that book woulda been awesome!
  13. Yes you can but if you get pulled over you will need to prove that the power to weight is less than 150kw per tonne. Not likely to happen, but to answer your question, technically illegal(if it does end up breaking 150kw/tonne).

    An IHI turbo off something like a suzuki cappuchino would suit a 250cc motor.

    A turbo bike would actually be more fuel efficient than a non turbo in normal day to day riding.
  14. I believe it is legal as far as licencing goes. There is no restriction on the engine in VIC besides 260cc.

    I havent seen any legislation that would make it illegal mechanically either, although you'd need an engineer's certificate to say that it's safe.