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Turbo 675, looking for tuner in QLD

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pajamers, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. hi,

    I have just finished putting together a turbo set up on my triumph daytona 675, I am now looking for somewhere to get it tuned in north QLD, or second best anywhere in qld,

    Does anyone know of a place with experience with turbo tuning??



  2. I think there called S and B at Penrth,thats western Sydney.Maybe check out any drag racers up north,you sick puppy.There is a thread on Adventure Rider in The Road Warriors section called 950 Supermoto Turbo Build Thread,28 pages of pure gold.
  3. I have just found my new forum hero :)

    *Meant in a good way*
  4. +1 =P~ Btw, your post count rocks (675) ;)

    That looks awesome. Bless us with a video so we can hear the beast growl.
  5. And don't ride it in puddles.
  6. Sweet project, can't help you out with any recommendations, but I'd be interested in reading about the build, got a thread up anywhere?

    Good luck with it!
  7. chip control in toonsville deal with turbo/sc cars, maybe they can at least point you toward someone more suitable
  8. Interesting. Welcome along Pajamers, nice to have you here. Sorry, I don't know who could tune it up for you. I understand that getting big numbers out of them without blowing them up, and getting good usable street performance out of them, is a bit of an art-form.
  9. I was thinking "Don't go around right-hand turns too fast", but that too!

    No idea about motorcycle turbo tuners, though.
  10. maybe speedys moto?
  11. thanks,

    yes i have heard of s and r pro in penrith, but i am expecting to travell for someone experienced, i was hopeing to keep at least in QLD, i will also inquire with speedys moto,

    yes puddles are currently a problem:) as well as small animals and children getting sucked in:)

    any other places come to mind??


    a vid of it idling

  12. linky no worky.

    You could fabricate a ram that sat against the right hand fairing with an element filter in it if you are worried about clearance. It would also scream like a banshee getting it's hair pulled as it started to really suck some air.
  13. It might be an idea to figure out what you're going to do in the mid ~ long term with that inlet, and then do your tuning after that, because it's likely to have an effect. Be shame to spend thousands on getting it just right, and then find that when you changed the air filter or put a reverse scoop there or something, all your airflow went to hell in a hand basket and you had to tune it again.
  14. I like that idea, the induction noise will be crazy!

    as reguards sorting the intake out before tuning, it is a good idea, however im at the stage were i need to get this thing going, otherwise ill go crazy!