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Turbo 250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by koma, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Well, after all the rumours and passing comments as to the existance of a turbo Zeal 250 it seems that Rapid Bikes have tracked it down and done a little expose in their latest September 2006 issue. I've scanned it up just for everyone who at one point thought about doing something a little crazy with their 250's.

    Click HERE for full article (single A4 page ~350kb jpeg).

    Not many details on the mechancials but it appears to have used quite a few FZR600 parts to beef up the engine & clutch to take the increased power. Oh, and as for power...

    105 RWHP (45ft-lbs) @ 18,000rpm w/ 18 psi boost.
    12.7 second 1/4 mile @ 118mph.

    Also, just so i'm not ripping off Rapid Bikes - this bike is for sale at the moment. Not sure who's selling it but the contact number is (02) 4732 22033. (That looks like too many numbers but thats whats printed in the mag).
  2. It's nothing new really, the Japanese having been turboing 250s for quite a while (I've posted the link to a company that sells DIY kits a number of times). What I would love to see is a dyno chart of one - peak power figures are great for showing off but don't tell you just how "peaky" that power is. I wonder if the turbo lag would make it any faster on a twisty section of road than a stock Zeal - or if it's rideable at all anywhere but a drag strip.
  3. Impressive power, thats about equal to a modern 600cc sportsbike. Torque I dont know though.

    Good on the owner for giving it a shot!
  4. Metric numbers: 78kW, 61Nm.

    A new ZX6RR (the 600cc version) puts out 90.5kW and 67Nm at the crank. So yeah, it's not far off a 600 at all... but would be peaky as hell, I imagine! Still, once it was going it'd be a barrel of laughs.

    Not sure I'd put a learner on it though. ;)
  5. This bike has been around for a while I remember reading about it fiew years ago... The comment was that it is good only for straight lines as the lag on the turbo makes it useless in the twistes.. also the peak power was about 1000RPM b4 the redline :(
  6. Nice.

    i'd love to put a huffer on my bike, but its too fast as it is.
  7. turbo

    I had a dvd of a clip downloaded off the net. It was a hybussa running 18psi boost on pump gas, but absoultely unreal to watch. dump pipe was straight out the side of the fairing and the km's needle was moving more like the rpm one.
  8. ok... if your serious I will give away the best website I have strained the net to find. This site with a few figures unfortunatley in imperial will give you all your thermal efficacies, ve tables, plot turbine speed over the compressor map and suggest the turbo best suited to you engine.


    Not to be used to make hand grenade engines...
  9. Saw a cbr250rr turbo at the drags ounce. It was up against some older 600's after EATING all the other 250's and 125's. Pretty cool, but hey... The best would be to pull up next to a bigger bike on a stock looking learner (L plate and all) and blow em away... Cool.
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    easy enoguh to spot the turbo with that filter but unlikely a potential drag mate would haha

    off the ghostrider dvd?? this gixxa isn't bad [media=youtube]oLQaHyS1YRc[/media]
  11. The cbr250rr is so highly tuned for it's time, I'm surprised it wouldn't just blow up :eek:
    My vtr250 lacks power badly, maybe in time (give 10 years or so) i'd look into an sv650 donk into the frame. I've seen a vid of a turbo gsxr600, and I definately know I'll never have the skills to tame a turbo bike