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Tupac live at coachella

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mikey213, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Not sure if anyone likes tupac but i've been listening for years.. and Dr dre and snoop dogg performed at coachella 2012 with a very lifelike hologram of Tupac.

    Pretty amazing stuff and shows how far along technology is.. i'm assuming this is the same technology that gorillaz use for their live performances. =D>
  2. Immediately after the hologram vanished it release 4 more albums.

    PS. very cool.

    stolen from twitter.
  3. Not a huge fan but far out the technology of today is pretty amazing, whilst not perfect it's getting close.
  4. They were going to do nate dogg but.. he only died last year and it would of been a bit..too soon.

    I wonder if they'll put the hologram on tour.. 15 years later and dudes still making bank!
    They should do a biggie smalls hologram as well. Even though they both died because of each other but still.

    Technology these days is amazing.
  5. Making money off a dead man isn't enough, let's turn him into a hologram! It seems disrespectful.
  6. incredible.
  7. Technology wise yeah, it is amazing. Think of the possibilities.
  8. I can't wait till I can get a hologram projector for my bike so it looks like a tank. SMIDSY me now bitches.
  9. Hologram Idol coming soon on Channel 10
  10. More substance than the original.

  11. No substance? You could say he was an activist based on what I just posted here alone.
  12. Throughout about 100 videos across the net I think this is more watched than Kony was after 2 days
  13. Naa nate dog died of a stroke , hardly enough to make him famous.

    Yeah maybe they'll be able to make madonna look like she is still alive.
  14. He died of complications related to a few strokes he had.
    didn't say anything about him not being famous.. he was famous.. grew up with snoop.. made music with all the notable people in rap.

    he was good.

    they were just saying (snoop) that it would be too soon to do something like this.. considering he only died recently.