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Tuono V4r - coming soon

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by stu_h, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Well, after ummming and ahhing over upgrading to the latest version speed triple , I went on a test riding weekend, and rode the Street fighter S, 2011 speed triple and the New Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC.

    As the title suggests, the Tuono won out .


    It's an amazing machine, all the things I love about my speed triple with a rocket engine and the latest Tech !

    There is no doubt the streetfighter is an amazing bike, but i felt i wasn't a good enough rider for it ... it was hard work !

    Even ignoring the $10K + price difference, The Tuono is just amazing, and possibly a better bike.

    the APRC system is great !

    - traction control - 8 levels
    - wheelie control - 3 levels
    - Quick shifter
    - Launch control

    Wheelie control when set at level three allow NO wheelies - the fun police, lower levels allow for longer higher wheelies up to 30 metres.

    Traction control - i tested a few settings (all available on the move) and once you start to trust it , and with wheelie control on three, you can use the throttle like a light switch... and HOLD ON !!!

    you can feel the smarts at work as the front gets light, and once that moment passes the power rolls on.

    great stuff !

    The star of the show is the quick-shifter.... nail the throttle and go , changing up with the throttle locked takes some getting used to but man... its addictive, and AWESOME !

    Of course the V4 sound is fantastic , even with the stock pipe, which i will be replacing ASAP.

    The new tuono is also ride by wire with 3 standard maps,

    Road - cut down power by 25% for wet and casual riding
    Sport - full power, smooth delivery
    Track - BALLS OUT

    Been on a couple of test rides, and put down my money expect delivery in early Jan...

    Cant wait !
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  2. Borderline needs a "NSFW" in the title.
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  3. Nice one, Stu !
    Can't wait to see it in person mate..though I wouldn't leave it out of your sight for too long :D

  4. One of my favorite current bikes. Only heard good things about it and that V4 exhaust note is up there with the very best of them....and that's stock. What pipe are you going for, Acra, Austin?
  5. Hate to admit it but they have been my favorite naked since 07.
    The way they handle is brilliant. But still fairly comfy. Comfier than the triple and yup a heap less work to punt along.
    Excellent work.
    I like the fact it's kept true to it's styling pedigree.
  6. Probably this one..


    The styling grows on you , The position is comfy , although to my ass, not as comfy as the speedy, the seat on the Tuono is a real sports bike seat and hard as wood. although there is a gel seat option coming.

    Revs up so easy , so it feels very easy to ride quick and it steers more sharply that the speed (08) very similar to the 2011 speed triple steering.
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  7. Awesome stuff Stu, congrats! Beautiful bike, can't wait to see it in the flesh :D
  8. Ah great choice, i have seen a black one around Adelaide and boy oh boy is it a beautiful bike, even with the standard exhaust the sound is beautiful.

    Post lots and lots and lots of pictures when you get it please :D
  9. oh ... did I mention self cancelling indicators !

    My OCD will be cured !!!!!
  10. Can't wait to see it!

    Self cancelling indicators???
    Nah, took me too long to get used to turning the darn things off.... :p
  11. Fark me even I'm thinking of going Italian now.
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  12. Well, Whatever you do ...

  13. Congrats, Stu. Awesome choice there. You are right about the sound part, they do sound pretty darn good.

    I assume you'll be getting Black. Can't wait to see it.
  14. great bike - not sure if i'm a fan of traction control / wheelie control etc etc entering the street bike world - seems like it would lower people's natural abilities over time...

    for example cars that park themselves nowadays, etc etc.

    Just my 2 cents though - I would leave it in track mode all the time (or whatever mode has everything opened up :) )
  15. Briiliant bike, well deserving of all the accolades it receives, and quite frankly the best naked/streetfighter on the market (IMO).
    Can't wait for July to roll on so I can upgrade my V2 Tuono for the V4R.
    Hopefully by then the Factory model will be released.
  16. That thing is gorgeous - congrats on the pending purchase. It certainly sounds like a very impressive machine.

    I'll bet it makes no difference to your indicating cancelling OCD at all.
  17. Nice one Stu, pity about the yellow one ;)
  18. Too late, Kat Kando lent me her 600SS the other week.
  19. Stu, just got an email that one of the Mornington riders has just got one of these too...

    So riding it is that addictive huh??
  20. I understand what you're saying , you need to know how to control a bike , how to ride etc... and I agree to an extent.

    I think I know how to ride, and I appreciate the tech helping hand that will keep things from going pear shaped too quickly.


    Yes, I think this may be the best naked there is..

    And no doubt ABS will appear in 2012 sometime (there is a light on the dash for it ) me, I couldnt wait.

    Yes, I couldnt get this bike out of my mind...