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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ad91on, May 8, 2011.

  1. Not much in the way of corners...

    But they sure do sound nice.

    Anyone have a favorite one?

    And am i the only one who makes sure there is no one behind me, slows down substantially and then accelerates with my visor up just to hear it?

    Please tell me I'm normal.

  2. You're normal. I do the same in underground car parks:grin:

    Not many tunnels around Canberra that are small enough to give you a good sound.
  3. Hang on, what if none of us here are normal.... Then asking us, and us saying it is normal makes it not normal...
  4. haha oh yeah do that too, always puts a smile on my dial... That and knowing i don't have to pay.
  5. Freud would say that tunnel is a symbol of a vagina, and your going through it is an act of penetration. In other words, you are all obsessed with sex and very, very sick... but at least you aren't gay, I suppose.
    Then again, I don't think Freud ever rode a motorcycle :)
  6. I tried to read Freud once, but I was too Jung
  7. I'm a big fan of the first several hundred metres of the m5 tunnel, either direction. They are considerably downward so you don't loose a lot of speed off throttle. Spin it right up high and then listen to the snorting and snarling of the overrun as the engine slowly spins down.
  8. The downside of the m5 tunnel is more often then not it's full. I find myself trying to hold my breath unsuccessfully for most of it. Stupid smoker lungs.
  9. Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne...not for the noise, hell I ride through it in peak hour traffic and all I can smell is smoke and hear trucks struggling up the hill, but it is awesomely warm in there on my usual morning commute to work, it gives a good break from the cold weather while venturing from the west to east.

    In the car I prefer the Jacana tunnel on the Ring Rd...windows down and plant it :D.
  10. Should try the Clem 7 Tunnel in Brisbane. it's about 5km of resonant joy.

    Traffic is usually ok (when i've been through at least) but it is limited at 80km with plenty of cameras.
  11. man i love underground carparks :D
  12. Went thru a good tunnel in India in 2009.
    2.5 km long, gravel, no lights or ventilation, and overtaking is allowed, although only trucks are brave enough to do it.
    f n scary
    Literally held my breath the whole way thru.
    I just remembered, no drainage too, so puddles as well.
  13. Damn straight on the cold relief - you need to ride both of these tunnels on my uncorked storm - Some say a motorcycle is a widow maker, in a tunnel the storm is a woody maker... :D
  14. Sounds like you went through a cave mate ;)
  15. Haha, I do this as often as I can.

    The small tunnel under the M2 on Oakes Road is good fun.
  16. crossing sydney harbour tunnel with 30 odd other sports bikes on a thurs night ride was quite a memorable experience...
  17. doesn't Mr Plod have cameras in most tunnels these days? I think most of the ones in Brizzy have cameras. . . sad smiley face
  18. They might have cameras, but you don't have to break the speed limit to get the sound.

    I find on the 1400, I just drop a gear and send it to 6-7k, oh the noise:twisted: Bandit doesn't quite have the same effect.