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Tuneboy opinions

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by GuJohnno, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Looking at maybe getting the tuneboy for my Daytona as there is a special on at the moment (ends in two days)

    Just after thoughts and opinions from those that have these as to the value and use of these.
    I imagine there is little-some benefit with stock exhaust with these up to a great benefit when exhaust has been changed.
    Are you happy with your purchase.
    How much difference has it made to the performance and ride-ability since?

  2. Tuneboy

    I run Tuneboy on my Sprint RS & found a tune that runs well in it from a guy in Canada that spent heaps of dyno time. According to his figures it's increased 8 h.p. & I can feel the difference riding the bike. Most factory tunes run a bit lean to get through emissions tests easily. Have a look at Triumphtorque site.
  3. Checkout the triumph675 forum. There is a sticky where they keep a bank of tunes for specific exhausts.

    Some have been done by Netrider's [Flux] actually. But you can either use the "Triumph Off Road" factory sports tune, or look at one made for specific exhausts (by members or other sources).

    Edit: tunes page is here (clicky).
  4. I've bought it under the group buy they had on there.

    I'm not looking at upgrading the exhaust for some time but it will be interesting to see what can be done even with the std set up.
  5. speak to Stew (flux), he's a wealth of knowledge in this area.

    my opinion, get the tuneboy hooked up and get someone like Dean @ dynoverks to custom map it.

    i dislike "generic" tunes. they're never right.
  6. Yeah. There are some tunes on the tuneboy site itself and on the 675 forum for std exhausts, if you want to use it as a starting point for a dyno to improve on.
  7. Have tried to. He's MIA