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Tune my ailing Across this weekend and I will give you beer

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mipearson, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Pretty much what the topic says. Got my bike back from Gassit, after the mech there spent about three weeks tinkering with it. It runs, but it's a very worn engine, and it's been thrashed.

    (verdict on Gassit: they're alright, but unlike Action they don't tell you that they're busy and won't have much time to look at the bike)

    Current problem symptoms, however, point towards a carbie / fuel problem. Very low torque up until 8000 which worsens as the bike gets hotter. I've tried taking a look at the carbies myself, but the screws on the carbie itself are proving VERY stubborn and I don't have the strength or the tools to open it up without killing the screw itself.

    The bike also leaks oil like you wouldn't beleive. I don't think this is a fixable problem, though.

    Pretty much I just want to get it as a servicable commuter until I can afford a new bike (two months or so). It's alright for doing the to-from work each day, but it has a bit of trouble hitting over 100.

    If you know about the Across and would like to help me out, I live up in Brunswick and am only available on the weekend (unless you like tuning bikes in the dark). Appropriate compensation will be provided - I'm thinking a slab of beer or a bottle of whiskey.

    I'll try to bring the bike along to coffee this Friday, too. Be careful of the oil slick I'll leave, eh ;p
  2. Re: Tune my ailing Across this weekend and I will give you b

    Have you given it a compression test? Does a lot of white smoke come out of the exhausts? Just a thought but if it needs a re-bore then it would get worst as it got hotter...can some confirm/deny this?

    I can't remember what expands more the bore or the rings :-k
  3. Re: Tune my ailing Across this weekend and I will give you b

    Gassit gave it a compression test, and they found it was pretty low. He replaced a bunch of seals/etc to improve it, but I'm not sure if this helped.

    I only ever get white smoke if I over-fill the oil. Otherwise, no.
  4. Re: Tune my ailing Across this weekend and I will give you b

    There you go then, that would account for loss of power. As far as I know the only way to fix your compression problem is a rebore.....sorry :(
  5. i have pm'd you my phone number
    give us a ring,
    i have a few things to chat with you about it
  6. Never mind, guys: taking it in to Peter H. in Fitzroy on Sat morning.
  7. And now it suddenly works fine. WTF?

    Was sluggish all the way up to the Bolte Bridge... then it suddenly remembers it's supposed to be a 250, not a 125.

    Maybe there was some gungy fuel stuck somewhere. *shrug*
  8. Took it to Peter Hennigan in Nth Fitzroy on Glen's recommendation, and he sorted it all out for me.

    He removed, cleaned, reinstalled the carby, tested the compression, and sorted out a couple of things that Gassit stuffed up while I chatted to his wife or watched him work.

    He's pretty good - he's a consultant for Suzuki Racing and fixes the occasional ride on weekends - I'd recommend him. Only charged me about $100 for about four hours work.

    Bike's running better now - not perfect, but better. Probably due to the consistent lack of cylinder compression :( Going back there in a month or two to get him to rebuild the top end for me.

    Probably won't be on the Dandy ride tomorrow - the weather looks bad and there's not much point headng from Brunswick to Ringwood for a 20 km ride ;p
  9. I was going to sugest brining it over to my garage... but it looks like you got it all sorted out... As for rebuilding the top end... I thought these bikes had a bulet proof top end?? I have checked valve clearances on one with 60000km without a sevice and they were within specks!!! well the guy did change the oil every 10000... you realy should have seen the air filter... WOW
  10. This is the pomie guy who did my inspection for me on the across. Having read what you just wrote I now have even more trust in this guy sorting out my new bike. He should have all the new/second hand parts for my bike this week with a bit of luck I should be on the road for this weekend.
  11. It's got over 80,000k's on it, and I know that 20,000 of them are mine, and they were very hard k's indeed. Couriering will do terrible things to a bike.

    However, I am very impressed at how well it runs for the number of K's on it.
  12. did it manage to pull 100 over the boltie today?
  13. Yeah, easy.

    It was pulling 100 anyway - it's only when it heats up that it comes to strife, and then only below about 10,000 RPM.
  14. This may sound like a daft question and idea, and I'll get me coat if it is. But how much could you pick up a new Across engine from the wreckers for? Are we talking a few hundred bucks? If its affordable then maybe its worth thinking about.
  15. It's not a daft idea, I have considered it - but to be honest, for the money I'd pay for a decent engine at a wreckers, I'd rather just give up and buy a new bike.

    Peter's quoted me a very acceptable price for a rebuild, and this way I'd have a properly rebuilt/tuned motor rather than an unknown quantity from a wreckers.
  16. Does this Peter guy work on other bikes other than just Across's? (Thats alot of S's). I'd love for someone with a knowledge of tuning carbs to just freakin dial mine down a bit out of the rich side of things.
  17. Dunno mate - probably. I'll PM you his number.
  18. PM me his number as well...
    Also if any one is interested i have an Accross that i'm willing to part with for $3000 with RWC and reg till Dec.
  19. Lordtb, i can't recomend this guy enough. He knows his stuff and will explain anything you ask him. If you want his details PM me.
  20. Monkey nuts, i'll be pm'ing you for his number shortly also... sounds like the kinda guy we all need around!