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Tunaranch and the VTR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tunaranch, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. (The following piece is the opinion of a cruiser rider who got to do a few k's on a VTR250 whilst his beloved Virago was in the shop.)

    So I mounts the bike and think. Gee these hand grips are tiny... felt like half the diameter of the ones on the Virago. Alright, I thought, no biggie. Everything else is the same... more or less, isn't it.

    I went to take off, wanted to put the bike in gear. Looked down and there was no peg on the left.

    "Oh wow", I thought. "This must be one of them automatic jobbies. What kind of lamers ride them?? Oh well. It's only to work and back whilst mine's in the shop, so no worries".

    I looked for the right foot peg, and guess what? It wasn't there either. Now mindset switches in to "WTF???". I sit and I stare, must have been staring for some 30 seconds, expecting the pegs to magically appear. They didn't. Panic.

    I contemplate getting off the bike, going back and asking the guy where the pegs are. But then I felt like I would appear as the biggest tool in the world, asking silly questions like that. It's like looking for the fabled 'any' key on a computer. So I sit and stare some more... and slowly... a light goes off. My gaze goes further back along the bike... to where the passenger pegs would sit on a cruiser, and the first thought to come to mind? "Hell no!".

    Put not really seeing any other option, I give it a go, and hey look! My leg fits into that groove in the fuel tank quite well. I get a feel for the pegs and levers, both of which again, seem half as big as what are on the Virago. I eventually get a feel for where things are, and take off. And my, it's quite zippy isn't it? Quick pickup and eager to go. I was having a ball in traffic lights in a straight line.

    But because of the ergonomics of the bike I'm as nervous as a cornered cat. The mirrors also seem to offer less situational awareness than the Virago, and I'm nervous doing head checks in case I lean the bike, or start to stray.

    Just when I'm getting used to the sensation of speed, my arms get tired. Then my knees felt cramped. And because I was not comfortable leaning the bike, I was taking corners real slow. And the first few speed bumps felt like a punch in the crotch.

    Returning to the bike shop later, in the ICB, screaming along at 80kph, and only at around 6000 rpm (roughly halfway to redline), with very little bike in my field of view, I can see the appeal of these things, to those people who like them.

    So ultimately, what have I gotten out of this? I've got a taste for what it's like to have a bike with a bit of zip. I realise I've made the right choice in getting a cruiser. I like the thick, padded seat, the relaxed riding position, the extra situational awareness and the general easygoingness of the whole thing. Coming back to work, the Virago did feel lethargic, but going over those speed bumps, the family jewels didn't feel a thing at least...

    And for that, I'm grateful.
  2. Very amusing post Tunaranch :LOL: I had the same trouble when i first bought my VTR, coming off the CB I used in the learner course it felt weird but didd'nt take long to get used to it, now I love it ! :)
  3. Yep, I can understand the feelings tunaranch. When I first got on the SV I thought sh*t how do you sit on this thing? Legs still cramp up on long trips but I'm glad I made the switch from a cruiser all the same :)
  4. very funny :D

    after riding my naked bike for a week i sat on the sports bike and my first thought was who lowered the bars?
    Then i thought omg this is uncomfortable... how in the hell did i ride this to victoria?
  5. I'm as comfy as all hell on my VTR250 but I guess it all depends on your height and what your used to.

    It is a great bike though :).
  6. What a pisser, same kinda thing when i changed from my VT250c cruiser to the Hornet, took me a while to adjust to the position i bet it was fun to watch though.
    Going home with the sport bike i ran out of fuel and was in the far right lane and was searching around for the reserve switch, luckily i found it eventually.
    Was good to experience the difference and i would never go back.
    Its great to see the world from a Hornet rather than bumpers on the cruiser.
  7. I love the little VTR - but got back on her today after riding in the past week 1. Monster Dark, 2. 2006 Hornet 900, 3. Hornet 600. Jeez :shock: it felt so small, flighty, unstable :eek: or maybe that was just me 'cos I was on my way to get my hair cut :) anyhow, is amazing how quickly we get used to something different :grin:
  8. Good post mate :grin:
    I am the total opposite I had a ride on a mates hyosung aquilla a couple of months ago and I didnt feel comfortable with the foot position on that at all or it could have been when the magna dragged me off at the lights :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I have that trouble as well... I get away easy enough, but they soon catch up to me.

    I think flighty describes it really well, BB... the bike felt very responsive, and because you barely even see the gauges, it does feel a bit like flying on not much.

    Oh, and and I did have a look for the reserve switch after I returned the bike... it looks really hard to get at with gloved hands...
  10. hahaha. great post man.. love it. dont worry about the reserve switch.. you should try finding it on the accross.. its right behind your thigh

    on the RHS of the bike.
  11. I can sympathise. After having the Spada which is like riding in the fetal position I jumped on the CB250 to do my P's. GAHH! What the hell are my legs doing all the way in front of me? And holding onto the bars felt like swinging from a tree branch!