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Tunaranch and the 4WD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tunaranch, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Gotta love that 6th sense...

    Riding home tonight, on the Ipswich Motorway, drop into the left lane so that I don't have to sit behind a view-blocking Four Wheel Drive... progressing along, everyone doing the limit... coulpa twisty bits later, I end up on his 7... sixth sense goes, "This clown is going to try something". So I gun it, and sure enough as I get to his 9, he starts merging into MY lane.

    The bike's already maxed out, giving it all she's got, but being a little two-fiddy not much she can do in fifth gear throttle wide open. As I get to his 10, the bastard luckily notices me and slinks back into his lane, saving me the trouble of having to jump into an exit, crossing over white stripes and cateyes in the process.

    From the time I thought "Gotta get outta here" to him backing off must have been all of two seconds... dammit, I need me a bigger bike... I swear to god one of these days someone is going to be in a situation where more go is needed, but scotty's already givinna all shes got captain and then boom...
  2. Not wanting to do a told you so but, if you had the inkling it was going to go south, you should have dropped back to 6:30
  3. That's true, but I quite likely had someone on my tail. (I was too busy keeping an eye on him to actually check) Forward was clear, which is why I thouight I'd try and charge forward.
  4. 6th sense or not just stay away from 4X4.

    When I drive my parents 4X4 it's hard enough to see smallish cages let alone a motorbike.
  5. I nearly got squished by a 4x4 today. Literally. Definately got the blood pumping and the adreanalin going, that's for sure.

    Ipswich Motorway, heading in. Doing about 90'ish, same as everyone else. I'm in the right lane, next to a 4x4 who was tailgating this little white van. Car in front of me, car behind me, busy traffic, what can I do. Everyone's doing 90, everyone's happy.

    All of a sudden I hear a dull pop, and the next thing I know the I'm hit in the chest by a rather large object, and the van is swerving all over it's lane. Tyre blew! 4x4 next to me panics and merges into MY lane. I'm already winded from being hit in the chest, hard on the brakes and swerving out of the way, I'm like *faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark* and hoping the car behind me is paying attention...

    Fortunately 4x4 gathers itself back together and pulls back into it's own lane, and car behind me was paying attention and pulled up in time...

    Has anyone else experienced a tyre blowout next to you? This is my 2nd time (first time I was in a cage, truck tyre blew out next to me). Those bits of thread are really big, would be rather lethal...
  6. Gulp! :shock:

    I've not been anywhere near a tyre blowout, but there are enough tyre casings littering the freeways to make me very twitchy about spending any time alongside a semi-trailer.

    Glad you're okay - that sounds like a seriously scary moment.
  7. Yeah those steel belts have really really sharp ends on them when they go. I've had quite a few tyres go over the years (including a front on the bike!) and never really had any serious problems. Certainly not like in the movies... Pop! arrrrgh smash (vehicle rolls). Usually it's pop, thump, thump, thump, bit of a wiggle an "Oh this is FUBAR" from the driver and gently pull over.

    I'd hate to be on the bike though when a truck tyre decides to part company with it's host. :shock: That would be a bit of a butt pucker moment!