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Tumut to Wee Jasper road condition.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by bangalla, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I'm planning to go camping at Wee Jasper in the next few months and wanted to know if anyone had some local knowledge about the quality of the unsealed sections of road between Tumut and Wee Jasper?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Well the unsealed sections have got a lot of gravel with occasional larger rocks thrown haphazardly all over, not to mention some slippery clay sections, esp if its been raining , Due to 4WD's and trucks you can also expect large wheel tracks before during and after some corners.

    Hope this helps you :LOL: :p

    Ps: is a nice place to go camping BTW :cool:

  3. :shock: I'm not sure...
  4. Its a top spot Wee jasper ,I send alot of time there at my mates place ,its the one with the swinging bridge to get to it ,across from the camping site.
    Never been up to Tumut from there so don't know the roads.
  5. The road in from Yass is much nicer... :grin:

    One of the local guys just did that road from Tumut to Wee Jasper over the weekend - he enjoyed it, he is on a V-Strom and likes a bit of gravel.

    I did it about two years ago on an ER-5 and hated it, though it was terrible, wheel ruts, corrugations, big rocks, blah, I wouldn't do it again on a roadie! Mind you that was only after hitting the Yass Shire... before that the road was quite enjoyable :grin:
  6. I have no doubt that it is, but I'd much prefer to go from Albury to Tumut via back roads rather than Albury-Yass on the Hume. I realise that I could go from Adelong to Tumblong as a compromise, and I almost certainly will if it's raining, but it means 80 odd kilometres of road I'd rather miss.
  7. then go to wagga coota, harden binalong a 2km stint up the hwy to yass, then off to wee jasper :p

    pm joel, he recently done these roads but in his ute for work
  8. I rode from Sydney down to Wee Jasper a few months ago. The road in from Yass was great fun, ignoring the pain of hitting a galah.

    I then stayed the night in Wee Jasper, got rip roaring drunk with the locals and the two mates I was with. The next day we rode to Tumut via the gravel road you mention. On first hitting the gravel, I thought I had made a mistake picking the road. It wasn't long though and it was fine. Probably the first half is a bit rough with some wheel tracks and corrugations, but it does open up a bit.

    We were on two VFR's and a Sprint ST.

    I recommend you try the road. Some experience on gravel is worthwhile having.
  9. Thanks for the tip VFR tones. I think I'll chance the gravel unless it's wet.

    Qbnspeedfreak, I'm not sure that the route that you suggest is much more exciting than the Hume :LOL:
  10. you would actually be pleasantly surprised, while its not tight, there are quite a few nice open sweepers, the road surface isn't great but it also isn't dirt, the road from wagga to coota isn't anything to really write home about but out the other side is fine on the bike
  11. Fixed that for you :wink:

    I have actually taken that road in the car, to Harden at least, and I don't think it compares with Jingellic to Tumut.

    Thanks for thinking a bit further afield though, it's sometimes easy to put the blinkers on. :cool:
  12. actually you will find the ride from jinegllic to tumbarumba absolutely shizzenhozzen, unless they get out with a loader and scrape the lose gravel off the road, yes there is that much o the road out there, a loader and a few truck and dog combos would see it cleaned up, at the moment it is actually quite frightening