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VIC [Tuesday] L Platers Ride 7:15pm

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 31, 2008.

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    [VIC] Learner Friendly Night Out!!

    Meet Point: 36 Macaulay Road North Melbourne
    Time of Meet: 19:15
    Rough guide on length of ride. 2-3 hours (closer to 3) including return to Melbourne
    Skill Level required. 2-3

    This ride tends to vary a lot depending on who shows up. The leader will ask if there are any learners/newcomers and if there aren't we tend to do more challenging rides including to Kangaroo Ground or Kinglake. If there are a lot of learners it's more of a St Kilda 60km/h thing.

    It attracts a lot of riders of varying skill due to the turnout, and lack of many other regular weekly ride options. Also, the ride itself is just awesome regardless of skill level. New riders will be supported and accommodated but you should not be in the wobbly new stage, make sure you are confident enough to handle traffic and freeway work. If you are not at that level then attend the Saturday Morning Practice to get some pointers.

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  2. A weekly (every Tuesday of the week) ride for the L platers.

    It would be some basic guidance to help you with riding in the traffic, approaching and exiting lights, cornering, taking u-turns, gear shifting, braking, emergency braking, gear checking, taking on freeways etc....

    Other members are also welcome to come in and share their riding exp and tips.

    However, we would not like to have any sort of stunters with us. We want to create a comfortable and calm learning experience for the L platers, not scare them away or excite them into doing something stupid. If you are an L plater and you love to measure out if yours is bigger than the guy who is riding beside you, you can very well learn about these things on your own then.

    This ride is a prep up for all the new comers to shake off their phobia and doubts about biking, and eventually gear them up so that they can take part in all the other rides netrider members organize with more confidence, for example, the MR.

    We are also planning to pick the riders up from their home, since we figured many riders wont be comfortable on leaving home on their own.

    So if you are interested on taking part in this event, do post back in here and keep watching this thread for more updates regarding the ride.


    Meet Zone

    Diner http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=e...i=Pf4nS4a_I5Xk7AOrg9TABg&ved=0CAoQ8gEwAA&z=16

    Corner Marking:

    On a group ride the main tool for group navigation is the process known as Corner Marking.

    The lead rider is responsible for knowing the route to be taken by the group. On mystery rides, only the lead rider knows the destination and route so Conermarking is essential.

    Whenever a turn is made at an intersection, that turn needs to be marked so all riders in the group know to take that turn to avoid getting lost. Sometimes a Cornermarker will be left at a point where no turn is made but the direction is unclear (eg. a 3 point or odd shaped roundabout. If there is no corner marker, the riders must assume the ride continues straight according to legaly defined terms rather than actual direction (put simply, as the line markings dictate).

    When the ride leader wants to make a turn he/she will indicate that turn. The leader will also point to a spot on the LEFT hand side of the road.

    The two riders directly behind the ride leader (ie, the corner marker) stops in that spot on the LEFT hand side of the road and indicates in the direction the ride leader traveled. If leader goes right, indicate right and vice versa.

    The Corner marker must maintain that position with the indicator on until ALL riders have past through the turn. This may take 5mins or 5 hrs, it doesn't matter. You will NOT be left behind. If you are left behind the ride leader will stop the group and go back for you.

    The corner marker will know when ALL bikes have passed when the Tail End bike signals that no more bikes are comming. This signal will be honking the horn, waving and flashing high beams. At this point, let the tail end through, then make the turn and overtake TE. Job well done. Smile

    Corner Marking is easy and should not be a stressful job. It just requires patience and consentration. If you do not want to corner mark, ride at the back of the group to avoid it. Rule of thumb is to keep at least 2 bikes between yourself and the ride leader to avoid getting that position. If this is your 1st group ride, try to avoid marking corners until you've seen thee process work.

    Remember that extra concentration may be required in town to make sure the bike you see is correctly identified as Tail End. Traffic lights and traffic can break the group and there could be significant gaps between small groups of riers. Other bikes not involved in the ride may also give you a friendly wave. Be aware of what type of bike Tail End is riding and if you don't get a toot and a flash stay where you are.

    Nb. if you are riding in the group, please don't confuse the Corner Marker by giving them a 'thank you' wave. If they think you are tail end, it will cause chaos. Please thank them at the end of the ride.
  3. Sorry guys, I can't help this Tue, have a Shark helmet training night with work. If it finishes early enough I'll try and find ya's.
  4. ohkie Johnny. are we getting some free or discounted shark helms from that training session ?? :p

    Chaddy aint far off, so we might have something around that place. Or maybe I can set up a pickup zone there.
    Havn't decided on the weekend plan yet, we ll put that up as a maybe.

    So who all are participating 2morrow ?
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  5. Put me down as a probable for tomorrow night. Any ideas yet of pick-up points / routes?
  6. I am yet again available to help with the ride. Post up some meet points for everyone who is coming and I will make it to the first meet point.

    I live near chadstone, so if we can have a pickup point there, I can ride with others to the next meet point. Possibly the maccas next to chadstone (princes hwy)

    Confirmed for 09/09/08:

    ............................Pickup Location
    Zenali...........................Shrine (birdwood ave melbourne) 7:30

    Maybes: Johnny and Donski

    09/09/08 11:00am Samhain

    Hi all,

    No pickup planned for Hawthorn or Nunawading at this point unless someone chimes up that requires it - in which case, that can be arranged no worries!

  8. I'm keen again. Went to Springvale/Whitehorse maccas pickup last time, but can meet anywhere.

    EDIT: Can meet somewhere in Chadstone or elsewhere if I'm the only one at Springvale/Whitehorse.
  9. I live 200m from nunawading maccas. but i wont have my bike untill the end of the week :(

    Ill have to join in next time.

    I might walk up and say g'day :cool:
  10. Your welcome to come in and say g'day! What sort of bike are u getting?
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  11. Ninja 250R.. should be here wednesday or thursday :grin:
  12. possible turn up

    What sort of time are you guys planning to meet at Chadstone?

    I may just come for a ride to meet some of you guys and take it from there.
  13. Yea guys I'm in again. I was picked up from the Shell on Riversdale rd last week, so if its all good ill be waiting there again at 9pm.
  14. As discussed on PM mate, hope to see u at Nuna :)
  15. Same pickup points as last week, so that will be fine.
  16. I am available to help if needed tomorrow night. Live out west so can do pick ups out this way. :cool: Got the devil helping out, this will be interesting to see. :LOL:
  17. Hey Andy,

    Thanks very much for the offer, though at this stage we look like we only have a couple attending, so not sure it would be good use of your time?
  18. cool. I will leave it in your hands. catch ya thursday. :cool:
  19. just wondering if this is still going ahead tomorrow night? how many are going?
    i jus did my first ride to work..was amazing! although in all the excitement i ran out of petrol...haha...but ran out across the road from a servo so was no problem. but am now really keen to get out some more and a ride with a few boys of experience would be handy.
    im in the east, chirnside park, but can go to nuna maccas or anywhere round here.
  20. Nuna maccas at 8:15 for an 8:30 departure mate - c u there!