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Tuesday, Cruisy ride to Noojee,

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deadman, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. This Tuesday we are heading out to Noojee, weather is supposed to be sunny,

    All welcome, to join us, Level 1 to 5, That means every one,

    Meet York on Lilydale, 10-00 AM, 10-15 start, come Fueled up and ready to roll,

    Fuel can be hit and miss at Noojee, so make sure you are fueled up before leaving,

    appprox 1 hour ride each way, 170 Klms Lilydale to Lilydale,

    Cnr York and Swansea roads, Mt Evelyn.


  2. Do i dare call in sick and then risk a phone call during the day?? the weather.. the destination.. booooo this kind of temptation is just wrong...
  3. +1 York on Lilydale is just around the corner from me and this ride sounds perfect. Stupid responsibilities.
  4. sounds good, yeah i'll come! be good to meet the dead man
  5. Ohhh, you lot suck! Have fun, don't forget to have a Billy burger.
  6. Feel free to ride past my work and honk horns just to torment me further.. :p bastardos! :rofl:
  7. Hey guys, went through here on the weekend between Yarra Junction and Noojee: watch out, the potholes are realllly bad and there's fallen trees everywhere.
  8. Looking out my windows to the East, What a magnificent day,
    Could not have picked a better day fro a ride,

    Sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky.

    See you at the York,
  9. Yep, have to agree, beauty of a day, see you all there
  10. So jealous! Couldn't justify chucking a sickie today :-(
  11. I'm on Swansea road and I can't find the place
  12. You guys missed out big time, hahahahaha, what a beautiful day it was!

    As for me getting lost, there is a small section of road where canterbury road (plus the other 2 names it's got) turns into Leith road, which has a side street called Swansea road, then after that it turns into, yep you guessed it, Swansea farken road! A big Swansea road and a Swansea road side street right next to each other! ](*,)

    Awesome ride, only the three of us (one other person was meant to come but never showed up), we got to Noojee at about 12.30, had an awesome lunch made by Marie, then headed off for home.
    Rest now then going to go do the Tuesday L platers night out.
  13. LOL you don't need to rub it in! I'm still stuck at work looking out the window and being jealous of you lot.
  14. There has been a cubic shite load of bikes ride past on Dorset road today.
  15. There's gonna be another one in about half an hour :)
  16. Well it wasnt us riding past your places of Chronic encumbentness. Work places for short, Hahahaha

    We were too busy enjoying the delights of cruising through the trees and the smells of spring time in the Twisties on the way to Noojee,

    Sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky, Nice and warm, What a day for a ride,

    That honey smell from the wattle as you ride along is some thing else, Almost Delicious,

    Lunch at Noojee, Followed by a nice cruisy ride back to Lilydale, With more of those Deliciuos smells,

    The road was in tip top shape, No crap any where, Very dry, No road kill smells either,

    The turn off to Yarra Junction, just out of Noojee, We had a bright yellow Hiway patrol follow us for about 5 miles.
    He Must of got sick off us travelling at 80 in a 100 zone, So he turned around and buggered off,

    Level 2 ride for Heather, Hahahahahahaha, She is getting miles under her Bum and learning her new Kwaka,

    Good to meet you Nick, Glad you enjoyed the day,

  17. Sounds like an awesome way to spend a day. If I could have justified the day off work I'd have been there in a heartbeat as the biggest noob in the group. Maybe next time.
  18. Your not a Noob forever, After a while you become one of the older riders,

    Its just miles under your bum that changes it,
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  19. I've got this Friday off. Supposed to be packing for a family holiday but if the weather is even halfway decent I'll be looking for more time on two wheels. How long can it take to chuck stuff in a bag really?
  20. Anyone interested in doing this same ride, or something similar, tomorrow if the weather is decent? I'd love to try it but as a beginner I'd really appreciate the company, and maybe pick up some tips along the way.