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[Tuesday] Coffee Night, Eastside

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Black Betty, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. #1 Black Betty, Dec 1, 2005
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, 2014
    We are now ( January 2014 ) permanently at the location below, until that changes of course.

    Lazy Moe's Forest Hill
    320 Canterbury Road,
    Forest Hill, VIC 3131

    Basically just West of Springvale Road on Canterbury Road so easy access for everyone.

    We get there around 6.00pm, tend to order food by 6:15pm and leave around 8:30pm, or even 8pm on a slow night. Or we have been known to talk over bikes in the car park until 10pm.

    It is mostly a meal, coffee and chin wag night. Occasionally someone may actually go for a spin after the meal, on a good Summer night. Usually there is a bike or several in the car park.

  2. Is that you in your avatar ?

    Sorry to go off topic..
  3. The person in the avatar is Bettie Page
  4. Sounds good, I don't live far from there.

    I won't be able to make it next Tuesday but will try for the week after.

    :D :D
  5. Well done :D
  6. Don't worry some of us were paying attention when this topic came up last time....wonder where mat's attention was.........
  7. That's tonight then... ?
    Rain hopefully clearing up this arvo.
  8. Will be there from 5pm onwards for a short time only - gonna go & see 'Harry Potter' (might as well - too wet to ride .....) not like yesterday :D :D
  9. I'll be there tonight... anyone else ;) :p
  10. And me :D

    (thanks for that Dave - lost power last nite!)
  11. Yep the Scumbags will be there tonight, I will be there from 1730 onwards Mrs Scumbag a little later.
  12. On my Way - see whoevers coming there :D :D
  13. I'm looking forward to the Bettie Bage movie staring Liv Tyler!!! =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ :applause: :applause: :p :p :p :p

    Oh and in Regards to the organisation of gatherings... I may turn up one day but it is too far away for me :p

    I call for all those who might be interested in a Northern Suburbs meeting place to raise their hand.... :p :p :p
  14. ohohohhohoh *hand raised*
    northland?? theres actaulyl a couple of bikers meet there some nights already. well. 3.
  15. yep ill be in that, a Sunday one would be good.

    and when are you coming for a ride on your new machine stew?
  16. Yes, Northland is god, near the entry to the cinemas, I go there a bit. Nice on a hot night.
  17. well, maybe not on par with god, but its pretty good :)
    so what night suits?
  18. oops a daisy. my bad. Didnt Booga mention Sunday nights? thats a nice easy end to the weekend.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.