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VIC [Tuesday] Coffee Night, Eastside

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by RoderickGI, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Okay folk, we haven't seen the owner of this Event for a while, so I'm taking control. Of course you are still welcome Black Betty. Especially if you get a new bike! :)


    We are tried the Mitcham Hotel for the first time on 16th September 2014, and found it good. Details below.

    Mitcham Hotel
    556 Maroondah Hwy
    (corner of Mitcham Road)
    Mitcham 3132 Victoria
    Ph: 03 9874 8899


    We get there around 6.00pm, tend to order food by 6:15pm and leave around 8:30pm, or even 8pm on a slow night. Or we have been known to talk over bikes in the car park until 10pm.

    It is mostly a meal, coffee and chin wag night. Occasionally someone may actually go for a spin after the meal, on a good Summer night. Usually there is a bike or several in the car park.

    Just look, or listen, for the table with the loud bald man on it. That'll be Scumbag. Don't worry, we are all friendly and safe. We even had a member of the Liberal Party sit at our table once, until he worked out who we were, and we didn't even hurt him!

    See you there.
  2. And "just West" really does mean just west; it's the second driveway down, with broken white lines on the asphalt.

    Strictly speaking, it was more a case of him working out who we weren't.

    We're *usually* in the corner diagonally opposite the door. I'm sure the staff will be able to point us out if anyone is desperately uncertain, too :).
  3. Nice riding weather tomorrow. It's a pity I still have a flat tyre on the Ducati. :(

    Still, I'll get to coffee night somehow. :whistle: :)
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    Take Note: Movie Night Tuesday February 11th 2014. Tomorrow. So there won't be anyone at Lazy Moes.​

    We are going to see Robocop at Reading Cinemas in Chirnside 6:30pm session.
    Note the updated location and time.

    Tickets are not seat allocated, so buy them when you arrive, and we can sit together or spread out, as you like. The group will probably be in the restaurant off the cinema entrance hall from around 6pm.

    Eat before or get a snack afterward. It is a 2 hour movie, more or less. Sorry for the late delivery of details, but we did warn you regulars last week. See ya there. Perhaps let me know if you are coming, so we know to look for you.
  5. I've only been to forest hill once or twice, what car park are you guys parking at?
  6. Woops. We have had a change of plans Kovatch and other readers.

    By special request we are now going to Reading Cinemas in Chirnside, for the 6:30pm session of Robocop.

    I which case, parking is on the footpath directly in front of the cinema, for those of us on bikes. I hope this change is okay for you Kovatch. My apologies for the late update, I was just now organising and confirming the change with the last of the confirmed attendees. I hope you can still make it along.
  7. I'm a maybe (as usual for Chirnside).
  8. Yeah I'll be a maybe should be able to get there but all depends on the time I get out of work and traffic.
  9. Thanks for the great night, was really nice to meet everyone there, and look forward to seeing you all soon.
  10. Good to see you along as well Kovatch. Get along to Lazy Moe's in future.
  11. A bit of a reduced group tonight, but Tiffany and I still plan to be at Lazy Moe's. Who is coming along?
  12. Sick today, so I'm leaning towards staying home.
  13. Okay, I have a no-go from nearly all of the regulars. Spenaroo if you are going along, you will probably be on your own, or spending time with one or more of our occasional drop-ins.

    Regardless, enjoy whatever you are doing everyone.
  14. So, are we going to try again this week? Tiffany is keen once again to get along to Moe's, so I guess we will be there.
  15. Yeah, well. No-one else has said they are going along. The Facebook folk said no. I think this week is a no-go again folks.

    But we shall return! Bigger and better and brighter than ever!!! . . . I think we need a recruiting campaign. But most of my recruiting ideas would be illegal or immoral. Sigh.
  16. I was actually just getting ready to go. But there's something else I should probably attend this evening, anyway.

    See you next week?
  17. That is the plan mate. Next week. The Scumbags are back then so we will at least have the four of us, plus you.

    I'm glad you checked here before heading off. You know you and I are about the only ones who still read this thread. :(
  18. And about the only ones who almost always turn up on bikes :p.
  19. I actually did eat more when I got home.
  20. You sir, are hollow.

    Well, you used to be!