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Tuck in your pants

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by geeth, May 14, 2010.

  1. So today I dropped the bike :eek:hno::eek:hno::eek:hno:
    Though thankfully it was stationary and it's a naked, so there a 2 inch long scratch on the sode cowel and a bent gear shifter and a broken clutch lever. So it's only the lever that I need to replace.
    I guess you may be wondering what this has to do with your pants - or thinking of getting in mine :p

    The reason for the drop is that my side stand got caught on my draggins. When I moved my leg back a bit after putting the side stand down, My pant leg caught just enough stand to move it back and when the bikes weight went on it the stand gave way.

    So if you draggins are like mine and quite long on your legs tuck them into your boots.
    Now I will go repair my ego with scotch.
  2. Yeh, that happens to me too... but I don't tuck in, just allow for the cargo's boot flare in my leg movement.
  3. Back in the old days at Le Mans, when the Le Mans start meant running to an open car, vaulting over the sill into the seat, starting the car and fanging off the grid as quickly as possible, the experts knew that the most important part of the start was to make sure your overalls were tucked into your driving boots. Failure to do so often resulted in the gear shift lever disappearing up the trouser leg, and a very slow start as it was all sorted out :LOL:.
  4. God damn... I'll keep in mind not to do that lol.

    Good to hear bike and you are A OKAY! (apart from ego and little scratches)
  5. Did a similar thing a few times when I was learning.. the pants got caught on the footpeg as the foot was going down.

    Fortunately it was in the very early days when I was still working out my balance and was putting the foot down earlier.... so hand plenty of time to recover each time.

    It eventually sunk in and the lesson stuck with me!!

    Sorry to hear about the bike! :S Like the sound of that scotch though.
  6. It's not a bad record I guess though. In 18 months I have put a bike down twice. Once was a decent crash about a year ago, then this.
  7. Another similar issue to be weary of is those wearing lace up shoes.. to be careful about the gear shifter.

    A few times when I was starting out and didnt have proper boots, I got stuck while changing up a gear.. and then couldnt change down again til I got the laces free
  8. Probably jinxing myself but in 21 years of riding in lace-up boots and untucked strides, I've yet to even come close to having an unsecured clothing related incident.

    Did see a kickstart go up a trouser led once though. My word that was funny :grin:.
  9. Yeah, that happened to me with the laces and gear shifter just as i was about to stop at a set of lights last year just after getting my bike, allmost fell off. Could'nt believe how stupid i was. Allways wear boots.
  10. Oh... 8-[ Um... You want to get in my pants do you? *nervous giggle*

    And why do you need to repair your crotch? :-s
  11. Lowercase, misquote much?
    Or where you just thinking of my crotch?
  12. if you really cared about your bike, you would have thrown yourself under to protect it from the ground.

    bad form i say
  13. On shoelaces, my riding boots have a velcro strap across the laces that holds the to the boot - helps.

    edit: RJays Terrain btw.
  14. I kinda did that during my noobie drop. While test riding a shiny newish Honda. Scratched up her muffler, gave myself a concussion, and bam, we've been happily married since that day.
  15. Shoe laces can be deadly, eh? Get caught around the gear lever and then, when you go to put your foot down, and you can't, you have this "Oh, hell..." moment and have to change feet. Not nice.
  16. I shall also have a scotch for you geeth though I will not ever be thinking of getting in your pants! lol
  17. Friend of mine did that when I was in my car behind him, and he DID fall. :rofl:
  18. Yarp, but there's way to tie them so it shouldn't be too much hassle... http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/hikingbikinglacing.htm

    Funny you mention the accident Geeth. A few weeks ago I walked out of the pub and found a guy laying underneath a DT175 suffering the same thing as you.
  19. This is why you wear tight leather pants ;)

    Man that sounded so gay.
  20. Oh, dude...so not letting you forget this. Ever. :p