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Tube nearly stolen...Valve-Cap / Pick-Up Stolen.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NuXnug, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. So today i was visiting some people at Monash Uni (Clayton), reached the uni roughly about 2pm and as usual, try to do the right thing and park in the allocated parking to motorcycles.

    As usual i park my bike on the ground level of Engineer carpark where there is allocated parking, spotting my mates cbr250rr, i park along side him.

    After spending a couple hours at Monash, its roughly 4.30pm (i think) when my mate and i return to our bikes. Upon removing my rear disc lock, i notice my exhaust is really loose.

    Some TarD had removed 2/3 bolts around the exhaust and has loosened the bracket bolt in attempt to steal my exhaust.

    Sh*s me to Tears.....

    Ps. Going to look into some 'lock' nuts or what ever their called

    Pss. This is more or less a venting post, but didn't place this thread in place to vent cause i thought it was more for accidents

    Edit: exhaust....opps :|

    ***Update: (02/08/09)***
    Stock black valve cap on the front, blue cap on the rear.
    As of this week, rear blue cap was stolen. Joy.

    ***Update: (09/08/09)***
    *&%*&^ !!! ....... Right rear pickup stolen on friday. now on, not keeping anything 'extra' on my bike. I was planning to take them off that afternoon aswell once i've lubed the chain and washed it. ARGH!

    Second, damn some people are ghetto. Luckily it sounds like they were spotted/interrupted before they could get the whole thing off. Can't have anything nice these days.
  3. Weld the bugger on!
  4. check the whole bike while your at it, who knows what else was touched
  5. replace the screws with one-way-screws
  6. scan netrider for will this XXXX exuast require a rejet or give my cbrrr more hp?

    but yeah a 2nd hand end pipe is only worth like $150 why do people go to the effort
  7. Can you park closer to your building? There's different spots where you see bikes parked around the buildings. I recommend doing that. I was lucky in that I used to park right outside my office.
  8. try those left handed screws, they work better than right handed ones
  9. Forget the screws, I think these guys need seized nuts. Their nuts seized in a vice.
  10. Ah, that sucks. At least they didnt get it, but you should let someone at the Uni know... they do have CCTV and if others have had it happen (or actually lost theirs), they may do something about it.
  11. Wow, I go to a Uni near there, I never though I'd need to worry about uni students :?
  12. donuts - university students are notorious for being poor

    1 cbr250 exhaust = at least 10 packets of Maggi Noodles!
  13. And 5 packs of winnie blues ;)
  14. do you use a left handed screw driver to install? :LOL:

    but seriously, some co*ck stole my helmet and rocked up the next day with his gf wearing it. they may still be around.

    you're in engineering right? think of what macgyver would do to catch them. whip up something with chewing gum, a meccano set and some fly screen.
  15. Thats pretty low...... definately check the rest of your bike to ensure nothing else was messed with. You should be able to buy security bolts somewhere, but if the want to steal it they will :?

    I have had my valve caps stolen before from my pushy (nice alloy bullet style ones). There are plenty of Low Life scum around......... the same scum the steal car badges.
  16. I would have taken it back. And the girlfriend.
  17. Alarm FTW
  18. Re: Douche Bag/s tried to steal my Exhaust...

    If they were from Monash Engineering then they probably couldn't work out anything as complicated as removing an exhaust... :LOL: :p :p
  19. Re: Douche Bag/s tried to steal my Exhaust...


    Im with welding it on... how often do you remove it??? bolt it on and tack weld the bolts on, if you want to take it off grind the tack welds off.

    doubt any mechanic shop would charge you much or anything at all to do that if you re attach it.
  20. as soon as i noticed my exhaust being loose, did a light inspection of the bike. Everything else was fine, was even surprised that they didn't take my pickups.

    GoTeam, Rogue01: went to security office to report it straight away. there was a camera pointed in the general direction, not sure if it was in the angle of view of the camera tho. Also spoke to the guy, he said we could pretty much park anywhere as long as we didn't obstruct pathways or this one particular area (which i forgot)

    like i said, whenever i visit monash, i always try to do the right thing and park in the allocated areas specifically for motorcycles. But, i don't think i'll be doing that anymore. Guess i'd rather get a parking fine if any rather then find my bike with a missing exhaust.

    one way screws ? sounds intriguing, going to do some researching into these. If you wanted to remove these later on, is it possible ? and how or how easily ?

    At first i was considering some kind of bolts like the same 'lock-nuts' you can get for car tyres, where you need a special tool to get 1 of the 6 nuts off. Any one know anything similar for bikes ?