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Tu260x Cafe Racer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by CrayolaS7, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. So I by chance discovered this bike and that it is relatively new, made with fuel injection in fact but looks like an older UJM. Now I have decided that I want to get on in this orange colour and build a cafe racer.


    First thing and most difficult to do would be do get a new forks and tank. I'm sure the forks could be sourced from a wreckers yard some older bike, to give it that nice low down stance. For the tank I'll have to check out the original mounts and see if I can work something out. Cheapest would be to buy a tank of that shape and size from either a wreckers or from a customs shop, and then manufacture my own mounts. I might have to get custom made but I reckon Deus that do it pretty cheap if need be. Clip-ons would be easy. After that everything little e.g small mirrors, shape a small fairing to attach to the stock headlight and add a little windscreen. End result I would want something like this:
    Only in black/orange.

    Saw a TU for under 3 grand, so if I can put some money aside in the next few months but reckon all up it could be done for under $5,000. Then I'd have a bloody awesome and unique weekend ride.
  2. sounds like a good project. Keep us updated, and good luck!
  3. Why new forks?
  4. At first glance I thought the forks were more vertical on the cafe racer, but maybe it is just the photo angles?
  5. The cafe racer in the picture may have had the forks lowered through the triple clamp making the rake look steeper. This is done to fit the clip ons or to compensate fro a change in rim size.

    Changing the geometry can loosen up your steering to a point where the bike become loose and dangerous to ride.

    I am very very slowly playing with a 1984 GSX 250 to turn onto a Cafe Racer, I bought a pair of clubmans off of ebay. I think another challange will be sorting out the rear sets as with the clubmans fitted I need my pegs back near the pillion passengers.

    Cheers Rob
  6. Thanks PatB, that was my first thought as well.

    I would approach making large geometry changes with some caution, particularly if you want it to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Maintaining something close to stock geometry is probably the best answer for handling and dynamics.

    You may want to consider getting the forks rebuilt, with a shorter stiffer spring, and sliding the fork tubes up through the triple clamps. This allows for quite big changes, if you want them, without swapping the forks for something else.

    I saw some pics this morning that might help explain... looking - looking ...

    Ok - never mind the turbo and waste gate - what I'm talking about is the forks. These have been slipped up through the triple clamps by about 50mm, and it looks like the fork spring is about 80mm shorter than stock. These are however, the original forks and triple clamps. My stock ZX 14 sits about 120mm or so higher in the front than this.

    PS - the bike in the pics runs pretty consistent 7.9s. This is the timing slip from the most recent, and best pass so far.