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TTR Yamaha or KTM now? - HELP! Last post!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by matty__, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Just talking about Yamahas here for learner legal approved, Why is the TTR is the best option over the WR for on road commuting?

    Thanks :)

  2. How far do you have to comute?

    the WR is basicaly a tamed down road regable version of the YZ

    WR is more power, more highly strung than the TTR,
    WR has harder suspension and the seat is not as 'plush' as the TTR
    WR is water cooled, TTR air cooled
    WR is taller than the TTR

    if you want something that is prety good on the road and prety good in the bush go for the TTR

    If you want something that is a weapon in the bush and OK on the road go the WR

    horses for courses, both good bikes

    then again theres some rippa deals on the Honda XR's to be had as well
  3. Thanks for the reply mate :)

    Yeah TTR seems the go, as much as I want it to be a weapon in the bush ;) I have to commute 70kms a day, until I can afford to run my car lol.

    Your right, I've seen alot of good deals on XR's and they're still on my list of bikes to look for but just need to find the right one :) Just wanted to ask in this thread in particular to the Yamahas.

    What about the KTM models? Any of them O-K for the road?
  4. Oh, should have mentioned, i changed from XR's (1996) to TT-R (2004) as the TTR has the magic electric leg :grin: the latest XR's now have one as well.

    Not realy up to speed on the 250cc KTM's had a couple of the bigger ones (525's etc) and what can i say, there KTM's there sweet

    Also the Suzuki DRZ is a good bike, also pretty sure the Kawa KLX is a rebadged green DRZ
  5. Doesn't the WR have shorter gear ratios too? I heard the WR's engine is revving pretty hard at 90 km/h due to gearing? Is this correct that the TT-R has longer gears?
  6. Yeah thats what I heard I think.. different gearboxs on the WR's which weren't the best for the road. Thats why I wanted to hear from anyone here that knew for sure.
  7. yeah quite possibly, but for the road the WR first gear is waaay to low so a sprocket change would fix a lot of that.
  8. My TTR 250 is great in sixth and can gurgle along nicely at 90 km/h with plenty of go left.

    It does get a bit sketchy over 110 and its still got plenty left, but I think I have bought a tricked up beast :grin: with no baffles,(REALLY LOUD!) extra vents drilled in the air box and I am certain it has also been rejetted for all that air flow otherwise it would be coughing and spluttering!

    1st gear take off is really low and after splitting traffic, I have to be careful not to get caught by the cars behind (my cruiser takes off quicker and winds out longer in 1st)

  9. Thanks for the replies, TTR250 seems like the go out of the WR & TTR series.

    I have found one for sale which I may even be able to buy this weekend :grin: but there is also a KTM I'm keen on.

    So now its trying to decide wether or not to go this 2003 Yamaha TTR250 @ $3700 ono - or KTM 400 1997 LC4 series bike @ $3500.

    Yamaha has electric start right? That would be handy, both have 7000 kms and the KTM is in great condition with a few nice extras and MORE POWER.... Both have rego, the KTM longer rego though and is a few hundred cheaper ($3500). So its a hard decision......

    Help :(

    Edit: heres the advertisements:

    Yamaha TTR250cc 2003, good cond, rego 8/2007, Staintune exhaust, 7000kms, exc cond, $3700 neg

    KTM 400sc 1997. Bike is in great condition. Just had new plastics $300, new acerbics chromy headlight $250, new Pro Taper GOLD bars, new sticker kit $120, new grips $40 , new number plate frame & rego till DEC 07 which was over $600. This bike is in great condition for its age

    Only have a picture of the actual KTM for sale:

  10. The KTM 400sc is more like the WR isn't it? More suited to the dirt tracks than the road. Also if the KTM has 7000kms from all dirt riding it is probably had a harder life than the TTR.
  11. How big/tall are you matty? the KTM seems like a good buy and i dont recall hearing of probs with the 400 (520's had a cam key prob that could result in a stuffed engine)

    From the age and K's i'd guess KTM mostly bush work, TTR mostly road work, having said that, there are no guarantees with anything on a second hand bike
  12. what tyres are on them????
  13. Thanks for your help guys.

    Um not sure on the tyres on either bike, I might try and find out further details and compare them... either way I think i would be happy, its just deciding now.

    Keep the oppinions coming though, all helps!! :)
  14. I'd say the KTM has probably been flogged - with new plastics on it and 7,000k's that's quite a hard life for a dirtbike, especially if it hasn't been maintained right. (A lot aren't)

    Go the TTR mate. It'll sound bloody meaty as well with the staintune...

    That's just me though.
  15. Dude, it's a KTM LC4 series -it will be fine. The 400 uses the same frame as the 620/640 series and the engine shares a lot of its components with the 620 as well so it is way over engineered for a 400. Only problem is that this makes it a bit heavy for a 400 and performance suffers as a result. Good news is that if you find the bigger engine for the right price then you have yourself one of the finest big bore dirt squirts available with all the quality components you can dream of :) I would put money on it outlasting the WR & TTR any day
  16. Hey guys, Would have loved the KTM but it sold for 3750 on ebay and i only had 3200 at the time.

    Well now Ive got around 3700 to spend... so this yamaha might be the go!

    The TTR250 as I mentioned before, except its a 2002 not 2003, the listing had a mistake.

    Is it a good price?

    Yamaha TTR250cc 2003, good cond, rego 8/2007, Staintune exhaust, 7000kms, exc cond, $3700 neg,

    said he would take 3500
  17. sounds good to me.

    Tyres?? Service records??scratches and under bike trail "grime"?? Test ride??
  18. Will check it all out tomorrow =D
  19. Damn it!!!!!! It's sold now!
  20. mate the ttr is a trustworthy trail bike bro...unbrealkable...almost ...lol