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TTR-250/CBR-250 Mashup build

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Moosey, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Hello all! Here to share with you my current build project.

    All started off with the regular TTR-250 that I rode around registered on a daily basis.
    Long time had passed and by this point it was an unused farm bike unregistered in the family somewhere.

    Around this time I bought off a mate, a cheap old Chinese 2 seater kids buggie for a carton of beer. Needing a new engine I decided to take the TTR's engine and put it in the buggie. I completely redid the entire buggie basically making it into a single seater and whatnot. Was a great success and I later sold the whole thing for just around $900.

    Having a rolling TTR frame doing nothing, I decided to buy a written off CBR-250. 2012, fuel injected. This was around 550 I think.
    Then basically went to down on the two and tried mashing the engine of the CBR into the TTR.
    I'm only 21 and certainly no engineer, so you may rate, hate, appreciate but understand I've never done this before (besides working on the buggie I guess) haha.

    Here we have a before and after of the buggie if you're interested in that as well. I sadly lost all the photos I had of this build in between these two photos. If you're curious, yes, it certainly went fast and wild. Was a handful to put my foot down, even only with just a 250 engine. It had an old 4 stroke 125 engine previously.

    And now the bike -
    Photo of the CBR exactly how I bought it

    Starting to strip it down
    Draining fluids ready to take the engine out
    Engine out, so far so easy IMG_5976.
    The blank canvas!
    Mucking around with fitment, seeing how it goes
    Cut out more of the old frame to make more room
    Starting to line the chain up to find where I can fit it

    Decided to use the old housing instead of custom engine mountings and frame
    Chain lined up, tacked in place a bit for some testing
    Old bike has seen better days..
    Mocking up all the plastics on it to see how it all fits; front mud guard needs obvious cutting down and the fuel tank needs to sit much higher
    Exhaust here temporarily
    Engine back out to weld up frame properly
    Primed up and back in
    Wiring harness in for testing
    Old fuel tank on it for testing. (Has intank fuel pump)

    Now up to plumbing together a new fuel system to work with the old fuel tank.
    Then come the fuel tank and seat mounting, rest of the plastics mounting
    Wiring harness needs a bit more work.
    Then she should be under control to ride about

    Thanks for viewing! Will keep updated

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