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TT600 vs RS955 Triumphs ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kazjim, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Hey all, I'm doing a lot of city and freeway riding (up to 180klm a day!) and am moving onto something more easily moved through traffic...

    I've currently got the option of a TT600 or an RS955 (both Triumphs....)

    Anyone ridden both and have a comparison ?
    I know the TT has about 2/3 the torque of the RS, but is it really that noticable ?

  2. Sounds like a simple choice between power and handling really. The extra torque of the RS is VERY noticeable in this comparison. It's just a very nice version of the 955 motor (if not the most powerful), and pulls very well at any speed. The TT has a bit of a hole in the midrange delivery, but this would have been improved by service upgrades to the fuel mapping. Even so, no contest engine wise.
    Where the TT will score is in superior handling, especially when pushed harder. Both were relatively cheap bikes in the range, but the TT got the better suspension of this pair. Plus it's lighter.
    Roughly similar servicing costs, fuel consumption too.
  3. WEll, I'm certainly not a 10/10 rider ..... Hell, I'm coming off a 12 month stint on a Middle-weight Cruiser

    Handling is really only important to me as a function of safety . . I dont do the Old pacific highway - except at sane legal speeds - most of my riding is just relaxed and fun :)

    So it sounds like the RS is the winner . . .

    Now, if i added that the RS was only $1500 more than a TT.... would that change anyone's opinions ?

  4. The RS sounds great with a pipe, nothing quite matches that growl that a big triple makes on song :)
  5. Oh yea, he's put a carbon pipe on it .. as well as carbon front and rear fenders, and the triumph tank protector ....
  6. go the triple. inline 4s get a bit buzzy around the 100-120 km/hr mark.

    The triple will last longer.

    The 4 has been abandoned by triumph, so that may have an effect on devaluation.
  7. Go the RS! I've got a 2004 ST, its nice and relaxed on the open road, plenty of torque if you're feeling lazy. And plenty comfy too, which you'll appreciate after 180 k's.