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tt600 for $4500

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by coylesolid, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. hey guys,

    was wondering if this bike

    bikesales linky to a streetfightered TT600 {mod: use the url feature or tiny url next time to keep links fair size next time!}

    is a good deal for $4500 ?

    any suggestions would be sweet
  2. Smashed and not fixed properly. These are supposed to have a full fairing.
  3. Hmmm dunno, but they look to be pretty reasonably priced...(edit: I looked at all the ones on bikesales to judge) maybe I should read a few reviews on these puppies and consider adding one to the possible upgrade list.... :grin:

    ...um, sorry I couldn't help :wink:
  4. Well, crashed and 'streetfightered' (fixed up to be ridden as a naked bike).

    It looks very nice indeed, so really the key factor is whether there was any on-going damage from the crash - whether the frame is straight and such.

    Pending a mechanical inspection it could well be a good buy.
  5. thanks for your thoughts guys, bravus do you know anywhere that does mechanical checks for bikes, its in perigian springs which is sunshine coast
  6. Not so much up in that area - I'm in southern Brisbane. Basically any bike shop or bike mechanic in the area should be able to check it out. In the past I've had success with contacting the bike shop myself and arranging and paying for the report but having the seller take the bike in. You might want to get a compression check done as well to make the sure the engine is OK, but the focus would be on making sure there were no remaining ill effects from the crash.
  7. Streetfightered. Probably after a small drop that cracked or scuffed the fairing up. Check the mounting and function of the headlight and indicators, plus look for any scratching or repainting on the frame. Also, make sure you test ride it at a constant freeway speed to make sure there's no airbox funnybuggers going on. My ZX9 looks similar and rides very well, and those Triumphs are supposed to handle great.
  8. That Trumpy has been on the market for a while. I'd be getting the price below $4000 if you are keen on it.
  9. its a nigerian scam.stay away from it! :p
  10. Check it out very carefully. It looks like a sweet deal but make sure you look it over with a critical eye. If there is any problem with repairs then you want to find it before you buy it.

    Make sure the frame is straight. Also, check out the front end carefully as there's bound to be a reason there's no front on photo in the ad. Also check for excessive wear that could indicate higher km's than stated. I've done over 27k on a 06 bike so 19k sounds like either weekend only riding (great) or replaced speedo assembly hiding another 20k-40 milage that occured before the new assembly (not so great).

    For that price, it might also make a great track bike at that price. :)
  11. thanks bravus, los, seany and interloper, its normally the seller who gets scammed by nigerians isnt it? i might scam him then.

    will definetely get it checked out by a bike mechanic b4 committing, and mention those things you said seany.