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Tt3d ????????????

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Apr 30, 2011.


    ....can't find session times anywhere ](*,), need to see it NEED TO SEE IT NOW, TODAY, RIGHT NOW !!


  2. It appears it wont be released here in NSW, if it was to be released it would probably make it to boutique independent cinemas, as its a documentary.

    The independents that I have rang to inquire about it have no knowledge of such a film and have no plans of further looking into it.

    Choices, DVD or wait for a pirate version to surface on the interwebz....
  3. what is it?
  4. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1698010/

    Anyone want to go on a road trip to Melbourne? :p

    I want to see it in 3D, I've never seen a movie in 3D aside from something up at movie world when I was younger.
  5. :eek:

    looks awesome!
  6. guy martin is by far my favourite motorcyclist of all time!
  7. It has not been released international yet - only in the UK.

    I have contacted Village, hoyts ant imax and they have all told me it is not on any upcoming release lists (list is for 12 months). Imax have told me they won't be screening it at all.

    Trying to get some information out of the TT3D guys now about expected int release.
  8. Surely it must be on the interwebz now we must find it.
    you know what else would be good some onehd coverage of the irish road racing series.
  9. thanks heaps for the replies guys & gals.

    dissapointing that hoyts/village/imax won't be screening it... bad mistake on their part. i trolled through their session times and releases and it was like 'why would ANYONE want to go and see half of this shit'
    and given a choice of watching any of their new releases or seeing tt3d, who in their right mind would want to any thing else.
    oh well, will see it whenever and however i can and it will be awesome.

  10. Hotys and Village didn't say they wouldn't screen it, They said thet I wasn't on the list they pick movies to screen. Imax were the only ones that said if it were to be released in AU it would be highly doubtful that they would screen it due to the costs involved in coverting it to their format.
  11. When we were in Melbourne, Palace were the best place to see alternative movies. It's what we miss the most up here. We have Birch Carroll and Cole. :(
  12. And they wonder why people result to downloading.
  13. Yup. You're happy to pay, but they make it impossible for you to do so.
  14. If you want details on an Australian release looks like you'll have to contact CinemaNX:
  15. There is a trailer up on their Uk site for those interested. Keen to see this movie as well perhaps we need to start agitating the cinemas.

  16. As I posted - Been there done that - cinemas can't screen it here if it hasn't been released yet - You have to put pressure on CinemaNX for a AU release.
  17. Found same as Holster... i went looking for it on release day and couldn't find any info on an international release or any info from the cinemas etc here and there is no errr... alternative sources on any movie sites yet. Given it's filmed in 3D it would have to come out for public release on bluray and if there's no bluray floating around yet then nothing for anyone to copy and upload. And you can't really put up a handycam version of a 3d movie!

    For the record i'm buggered if i can find anywhere here thats going to show Senna either!
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  19. "just because you're breathing doesn't mean you're alive"

    ....bring this to me
  20. wtf is wrong with the cinema giants here ???
    this deserves a protest ride to Imax !!

    seriously, why would anyone want to see Vin Diesel or Tom Cruise do fake stunts :confused:
    when they could see Guy Martin do real stuff like this (below)

    no stunts, real life, he's not acting.
    cbr1000rr, nasty off at about 280kph, broken ribs, punctured & bruised lungs, fractured two of his vertebrae and twisted both his ankles.
    back in the saddle a week later (y)

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