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TT Skip & Jump

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Biggles, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Tell me your heart didn't skip a beat watching this.
  2. holy crap. Even though I expected it I was still shocked. I can't believe he stayed on
  3. holy mother of batman nuggets and i just almost pee'd myself a little bit!

  4. Whoa, awesome save!
  5. the camera man nearly had a heart attack, let alone the rider :shock:
  6. wow, how someone can recover from that is amazing.
  7. Best to throw away the undies and leathers following that jump.
  8. Please tell me he finished that race?! And placed top 3!
  9. holy moly that was a damn fine save.
  10. That was insanely mental!! :| Nothing can describe how the fark he stayed on!
  11. the gods favour the bold.
  12. First off I am NOT comparing myself to these guys, I just want to make a somewhat relevant observation. Hearing that bike still riding off into the distance under throttle reminded me of all the moments I've had, and instead of pulling over or backing off, I've held the throttle open. :) But this footage is insane.
  13. Skill and courage and strength and good machine setup and all sorts of things contributed to staying on there, but the major factor has got to be luck. He's a very lucky lad.
  14. either that or his throttle was stuck open
  15. anyone got this video =[ wanna show the gf.