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TT Ban

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Traviss, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Had a seach couldnt find any comments about this..
    Wayne Gardener has made it very public he wants the real road races banned..An event he never raced in ,has little knowedge about, no consultation with Rider or families ...Just strait to the copping bloke..
    And this from a man that represents Riders in Australia in a political force including Cameron Donald a TT star..
    Leave the TT alone an concetrate on Aussie riders on Aussie roads ..IMO
    And i for one wont be re-newing my Rapid bikes sub while his articals grace its pages..

  2. It's been published here already it's old news but thanks for the repost.
  3. while his articals grace its pages

    at least he can spell :roll:
  4. Woops didnt know it was the oxford dictionary site ..
    And if you Saw Wayne on Survivor..Then you would know he CANT..
    Its Netrider Hornet who the hell cares is the spelling is spot bloody on..GEZZZ
    Articles then..Happy
  5. Wayne's an old, old friend, since he was about 17, and while I can allow you to disagree with his opinions, I find your opinion of HIM unfounded and repugnant...
  6. What...Repugant...How the hell did you read that into it..How the hell did you get disrespect from the Thread ...
    To close to the man to be non- bias..
    He was a great rider ..
  7. Forget the competitors and spectators for a moment.

    If you were the organiser/promoter of the race, how do you justify the success of the event? Would you consider yourself happy if 3 racers died or were maimed? Would you be satisfied that only 2 died or were maimed? Would you be cheering for joy at that year's success if only one rider was killed or maimed?

    Anyone who runs such a repetitiously and predictably dodgey event should be stood up at a wall and shot.

    The event would be much better if they made it a little safer so that the likelihood of a death would be considered an unfortunate accident to be avoided rather than par for the course.

    And then for the historical spirit of the event, for any truly courageous competitors who wish to demonstrate their bravery, there should be a lucky draw.....the two first drawn competitors get summarily executed on the spot, one say by guillotine and the other by hanging? That way the spectators still get to see a couple of random deaths up close and personal and the real racers get to race in some sort of civilised safety.
    Ok, ok, stirring the pot a bit - but it isn't wrong to object to a race where so many blokes die. It really isn't.
  8. except that they know the risks and are prepared to play them. It's not as though there is a shortage of entries.
  9. look it's never going to happen.
    don't even think it, let alone post it.
    it is an imortal event
    and live or die all entrants achieve imortality.
  10. As Guy Martin said "If they made it safe I'd rather mow me grass or ride me tractor. I race motorbikes because it's dangerous"
  11. People JOIN the ARMY and they know if they go to a war zone they might get killed..But they still JOIN dont they..
    Real Road Racing is riskier than circuit but the chance of death is still there in both..
    If Wayne doesnt like it ,if he thinks it should be Banned thats his opinion ..But the minute he put that opinion in the press for all to see ,is the same time we have the right to ask what research was done, what riders has he consulted,has he spoken to the organisers,has he even been there, did he donate money to the fallen riders fund..etc etc
    Wayne had his chance to race and become a legend...ON Tracks that had railing ,brick walls ,no run off,TREEs..and regular deaths..
    Reformed smoker comes to mind...
    You arnt forced to join the army..
    And no one forces a rider to put his bike on the stream packer ferries and race a road circuit..
  12. When people enter the race or attend as spectators they know exactly what they are doing.

    Given the fact that motorcyclists are disproportionately killed and injured on the roads are you implying that motorcycling should be banned?

    Of course not - we make an informed decision and we know what the risks are. The fact that they are a lot lower than the TT makes no difference.

    Anyone who races at the IoM knows that they may crash - it's like the running of the bulls. You may be able to make a case against it on the grounds of cruelty to the bulls, you shouldn't make a case against it because people get killed or injured.
  13. So... we can ride bikes in traffic and cry blue murder when people tell us how dangerous it is, but we condemn these guys?
  14. Can people just STOP being do gooders and 'social protectors' please? Honestly, it makes me sick. I'm not condoning putting people in dangerous situations against their will, but just STOP with this whole "i must protect YOU from YOURSELF attitude" Like someone in this thread said "they know the risks and are prepared to play them. It's not as though there is a shortage of entries."

    Someone I know races their 'improved production' car on the track, however they would <quote> "never compete in a road rally like targa tasmania becuase it's just too dangerous". Good on you mate. Seriously, you make your own judgement call and good for you. Others make their own decisions according to their own risk tolerance, but at the end of the day it is THEIR DECISION. (RIP. Brocky).

    How dare someone like Wayne advocate the banning of a race series. Personally, if I wanted to 'road race' (sigh, if only I was a good enough rider) and someone tried to stop me citing that 'they want to protect me', I would turn around and punch them in the face.

    Side note... F1. Less powerful engines and 'new style' lower speed tracks in the name of safety. Sigh.

    If you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. If it's too dangerous for you, then don't compete. Do not put someone in a dangerous situation if they don't want to be there, but if they do then just f**ck off and let them make their own decisions.
  15. There's a big difference between giving people the choice to choose their own level of risk, and taking precautions to reduce the level of risk where it is possible to do so.
    I think we'll see the organisers progressively working on the course (and probably local government doing the same) over the next few years, and possibly some tweaking of the rules.
    In the end the event will survive in a recognisable form, but hopefully without the carnage in the future.
  16. No there isn't. What you're saying is "I believe it's currently too dangerous for you, irrelevant of what you say. I believe you require greater protection. I will change it to make it safer for you, then allow you to continue. I will not accept your own judgement."

    I'm not saying that things like scruitineering (sorry if the spelling is wrong), race marshalls etc. should be scrapped. Safety regulations are vital. However, changing the 'structure' such as limiting speeds and banning races if there isn't sufficient runoff (IOM) becuase it's 'dangerous' really pisses me off. It appears that some people feel better about the world if they wrap others up in cotton wool against their will.

    Again, don't force someone to do something dangerous, but if they want to (and it's not hurting others ie. IOM through traffic!!!!) then f**ckoff. Your cotton wool additude is not protecting, it's just annoying and patronising.
  17. That's not what I'm saying at all - you're putting words in my mouth that are totally different to what I meant.
    I'll put it this way: Let anyone who can qualify run in the event. But if the organisers CAN move a stone wall, put some hay bales or run-off in the most dangerous spots, then they should do it rather than not do it. That's all.

    Maybe you should ask the racers if they would like the organisers to make it more dangerous - what kind of answer do you think you would get?

    I would be the last person to ban a race or put in a speed limit. But I would pay more if it meant they could remove something clearly hazardous from the event.
  18. Do you really think that the IOM organisers DON'T already do whatever they can 'in the name of safety'...........

    Wayne who????

    as somebody else already said.....

    Re: The TT is insane, outdated and should be banned

    "I agree with Wayne Gardner -- all motorcycles should be banned except for his and those of his sons because i agree with his opinion that only he and his sons are skilled enough to ride a motorcycle at speed"
  19. They do now, but they didn't always. There was reluctance to 'improve' the course due to some attitudes similar to those posted here. Then a horror year in 2005 shook some sense into them.