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TS Taichi RST-400 Summer Glove Review

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by Dave_the_waterlogged, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Realised I'd been using these for a while now, and sort of taking them for granted - which I guess is what you want really.

    I've been wearing these Rs Taichi RST-400 Summer gloves for most of the summer, and I'm still wearing them now as the temp is dropping because quite simply they are the most comfortable gloves I have, and I dont want to take them off.

    I bought these gloves late last year from Motorcycle Race Gear in preparation for the summer, and initially was a little dubious at how long they were taking to break in. However, a little persistance has paid off, and I realised they had broken in when I started reaching for these gloves without thinking about it when ever I was about it head out.

    The gloves are a shorter cut of the guantlet race glove, with knuckle and wrist protection, as well as quite effective venting. If you are looking for an summer alternative to those textile mesh gloves (which tend to fall to pieces on contact with the road), then these gloves are a really good option.

    I find they have good sensitivity (now I've worn them in) and are very comfortable for my hand shape. After using them every day for the last 4 months or more, I would say they are wearing well. They look like they have been worn of course, but theres no fraying or similar signs of failure.

    Would I buy them again? Definitely, and will when these wear out.


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  2. Good to hear Dave, I have RS Taichi Summer jacket and rain suit and both are great and would highly recommend.

    I am talking to Alex (Motorcycle Race Gear) at the moment about winter gear from them as well.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. Thanks for taking the time to review our products. Really appreciate it :)
    Just for reference, these are the gloves Dave was reviewing:
  4. I recently bought these gloves too as like the 'shorter' style of gloves.

    Early impressions are that the gloves are well constructed and offer good protection in the right areas. The larger knuckle protection is a little restrictive when bending the fingers but I suspect that has more to do with my 'piano' fingers than anything else. The seams were digging in a little and my fingers were marked after wearing but I'm confident this will ease.

    I would certainly recommend them as an alternative to the more well known brands.
  5. Further evidence of the quality of the construction of these gloves is displayed in the pic below. This is the result of a 40km/h slide and although the leather hasn't survived the CF insert is barely scratched. Result is no damage to my palm and I'm more than happy with that.

  6. interesting pic.
    that stack would have opened up your palm real nasty.
    thing is dave it's not summer, and as such these gloves are contributing consiberably to your waterlogged sensation .
    rs taichi have a new range of winter gloves out, which are quite fascinating. have materials that generate heat within the glove and a waterproof but breatheable insert.