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trying to think of a personal licence plate

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mickeym, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Hey i been trying to think of a good personal licence plate for Queensland for my bike (nothing that relates to my bike as i'll wanna keep it when i upgrade), thought i might ask you guys if you have any ideas.

    Its gotta be:
    3-5 characters in lenth
    * A minimum of one letter.
    * A maximum of five letters and numbers.
    * A single space is permitted, however, it counts as a character. Therefore, a maximum of 4 characters and 1 space OR 5 characters may be used.



  2. **************FUGM******************
  3. Bong

    Msg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too shortMsg too short
  4. MIKYM



    Besides MickeyM, what is another nick name you have in real life ?
  5. In light of recent threads I think you should go with "B00BS"
  6. How about this:


    If a space counts as a char.......
  7. How about DNR
  8. stooge.... stoge...

    fully, 4ly.









    sleek (slicker then slick)
  9. How about FREDM (no, not Fred McIntyre, FREEDOM)!!???

    SBOOB... actually you don't have a number plate on the front so that won't work..

    boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies......................
  11. SQUID :p

    Are the rules the same for Vic plates? I might get TRGDR and replace the Honda wing with the top half of said burninator.
  12. yea i like "bubye", concidering the plate is on the back or "gtg"
  13. How about "What" or "Hello" ?
  14. thats why i thought it'd be good. cause your forever going past cars and even more when your lane splitting so it'd add a bit more effect :D
  15. How much are personal licences else where?

    They $2100 here which is ******************* expensive! but usally can sell them for the same if not more.
  16. $1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you had to get two that would be more than the bike is worth!!!!!!!!!!

    I just got plates for my bike, black lettering on yellow, which is standard, but non-standard lettering, MY-599, and it costs $30 registration fee and $60 extra on the rego per year.

    I think in Vic it costs around $350 but it's a once-off fee (?)
  17. I think they are $495 in VIC. :D
  18. Starting from $400 in Victoria :)
  19. Did VIC change.... cos i got car ones a few years ago at $305...
    But even when i was looking the other day on the vicroads website they claimed they were about $350....
  20. I've heard they went up fairly recently.
    There's a newish dedicated website. It was mentioned on the forum a few weeks back.