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Trying to get back in to it

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by cody1382, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hows it going all?
    Im just recently lookkn at gettn back into tearn up a bit
    of dirt an was lookn for a new bike.
    Problem being i havnt actually thrown a leg over in about 7 years.
    my last bike was a 2001 CR125
    now im lookn at gettn a new four stroke
    but still not real keen on killn myself.
    i gotta decent set of nuts but since i havnt rode in so long i recon ill be pretty bloody rusty
    ive been lookn at the crf 450x or the husy 310
    not sure though
    most of my rideing will be enduro an trail up through the hills around
    dargo in victoria type country
    Not really overlly big on jumping as im not real keen on messn myself up for work.
    an not being a real competitive type
    im not going to be racing track.
    Any help would be most appreciative
    Thank heaps

  2. Hey.

    So your looking for a bike to do mostly "light" offroad enduro with some trail work thrown in, 4 stroke bike with (i'm guessing) none of the stupidly high service intervals of your normal dirt bike?

    edit : does it have to be road legal? As in, will you be using it to get around *at all*?
  3. Thanks for the reply mate
    not looking for road legal
    but iam looking to skip the super high maintainance but that not
    that big of a problem. I dont mind putting in the effrot to keep my gear running smooth but it goes from ok to being a major chore it gets kinda painfull
    a few of the boys have recomended the KTM 525 or the 530
  4. Its not all about power imho, anyone can jump on a 530, 450 ect and ride it no problems but ot takes a bit more to ride one proficiently offroad. Your still going to need to hop out of ruts, over logs break traction but you need something thats not going to intimidat you, or give you a false sense of confidence as a result of speed and lack of rider feedback.
    These were the problems i had after getting off an MX bike at 17 and getting back on at 19.
    What i did i got an XR250 for $300 and rode it every afternoon, slowly getting a feel for ruts, mud, water sand at speed. Then i wen't to an RM250 and had a blast on it and got used to it after a few hours because of the XR, and eventually got an XR400 to get myself used to weight, now the weekend warriors get worried when they see a big BMW behind them with road tyres on fire trails. :cool:

    Its diffrent for everyone, but thats how i did it.
  5. I've got no idea personally hehe, but I thought i'd help clarify what you wanted so others who *do* know what their on about can help ya out.

    All the best.