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Trying to find previous owner Smashed 07 GSXR750 Black [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mattbl, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. I bought a bike at auction in Melbourne and I'm trying to find the previous owner. I'm desperate to get the 'red' key.
    The bike was auctioned at the end of April so I'm thinking it was in the accident around March.

    I asked Vic Roads but they wouldn't help me

    Any Ideas?
    Considering reward :wink:

    In Melbourne
  2. Re: Trying to find previous owner Smashed 07 GSXR750 Black

    Free bike?
  3. Surely you must have some more information on the bike than that?
  4. I have all the info to do a database search but Vicroads were saying privacy crap

    The old Rego No was: EPF

    Looks like it went down on newly layed ashphalt, heaps of gravel inside the fairings and tar spots on the engine block
  5. Any aftermarket stuff on it? Have you searched the VIN to find out where it was registered? Sometimes stuff gets auctioned off in other states.
  6. i suppose vicroads is too busy and disorganised to act as a third party arent they, as in: you contact vicroads > vicroads contact previous owner > previous owner contacts vicroads to say its alright to give out his number to you etc

    probably wishful thinking but maybe you could try.

    whats the red key anyway? ive heard the term before. i can start my bike with a paddlepop stick =/
  7. Is the reward :wink: 50% of what Suzuki will charge you for this "Red" key? If so, I'm willing to help, cos I expect it's a shitload! :rofl:
  8. Contact Suzuki Australia and a few Suzuki dealers. Someone may be
    willing to send an email or phone call to the previous owner on
    your behalf offering a reward for the red key. You may need to
    prove ownership of the bike so be prepared to fax your auction reciept.

    However they will NOT be allowed to give you the
    previous owner information due to
    the Privacy laws we now have (and I agree with that).
  9. Not that I disagree with you Hotcam as I too don't like the idea of personal info being out there but when buying a second hand car (not sure about bikes) the previous owners info is there for all to see.

    Hopefully no whack job sees it. :shock:

    Just re-read your post. Do these new laws apply to this area? Can we breathe easier in Vic?
  10. Yeah they no longer put the previous owner on the pricetag, you have
    to apply for the information.
  11. If I was in your spot I may wish to contact prior owner, but how would I feel if I found out it was a fatal....
  12. Thanks for the ideas
    Its booked in for a VIV inspection on Tuesday, for those who don't know if a vehicle is written off as a repairable write off you need to get it inspected before it can be re-registered.
    I thought it was done by VicRoads but now its out sourced to auto mechanics. I'm hoping the mechanic will help me given he needs to access the info to verify the bike.

    The GSXR has an immobiser. You need the red key to program other keys and Suzuki can't simply look up numbers etc to cut more keys.
    The chip in the key does a handshake check with the ECU when its inserted via the RF anntena which is buit into the key entry surround. To replace the ECU and key set from Suzuki is $2K :(
  13. when i got a new spare key for the GSXR600 cut, I didn't need the red key, I just needed a key blank (it needs to have the chip inside the key so it can react with the immoboliser), which I then got cut, and asked the suzuki dealers to program it for me (you would have to provide evidence of ownership)

    According to the manual you can have 4 keys programmed to the ECU after that you need a new ECU